August Beginnings

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August is beginning and the mark of summer ending with the grandchildren preparing to start school in a few weeks. There will be no more visits with grandchildren until Christmas break. The softball season is over, and other sports practices been going on for a few weeks. The distance apart makes if difficult to attend any games, but we like to keep track on their achievements.

I have been putting the squash from my small garden up for later meals. We eat some and I freeze some. The work of growing food. The tomatoes and bell peppers do not produce fruit in the heat of summer. Once the temperatures start to drop, they will set fruit for a late harvest in November.

In the part of Texas where I live, people plant two gardens, a spring garden and fall garden. The spring garden has been struggling in the heat. Squash produces well in the heat as long as it has water. The tomatoes, bell peppers will produce when the temperatures drop. The brussel sprouts will begin to grow their fruits vigorously with the cooler temperatures arriving at the end of August. Pumpkins will continue to set fruit and grow until the first freeze in mid November.

In a couple of weeks I will plant radishes, onions and maybe some potatoes. These vegetables will grow well in the cool temperatures until we get a hard freeze in January or February. Cabbages do well in a fall garden.

The lambing for summer is done. Due to the drought, the sheep market is flooded with people selling their ewes and rams because winter feed prices are going to be higher than last year. People selling now, means there will be fewer lambs born in the fall. Less lambs born in the fall means fewer lambs for sell in February and March when the lamb market prices are usually high. I am currently breeding my ewes for fall lambing. I have faith I will be able to continue to purchase feed through the winter and hopefully make a good profit in February.

August is the time to settle down and do projects that were interrupted with visits from family. The grandchildren go back to school, and I go back to work building and repairing the shelters for the animals this winter. Projects that improve our place and home.

August is also the time to start the gifts for family and friends. Considering I did not plant cucumbers this year, I will not be making pickles and relish for Christmas gifts. I will have to make the Christmas gifts this year. One of my projects to get completed in August is the leather crafting work table. My husband wants to make belts for the grandchildren. I will need to have the leather work table done for him to be able to complete his Christmas gifts this year.

Another project is to finish some quilts I started last year for the grandchildren. I am going to set up my quilting frame in the spare bedroom, now that there will not be any visitors until Christmas. I hand stitch all the quilting on my quilts. A task that requires time and patiences of placing each stitch in the right place. When the quilts are completed, they are heirlooms for my grandchildren and future generations. Before I die, I want to have completed a quilt for each grandchild. Some have their quilts, but I have a several more to make and complete.

My year is marked out in months for certain activities and events. August is the beginning of work as the season for playing with family is over until Christmas time.


Triplet Update

This week I was honored with the invitation to attend an ultrasound appointment with my daughter who is pregnant with spontaneous triplets. Spontaneous triplets are conceived without any assistance from fertility drugs or treatments. They were wanting another baby, and was blessed with three.

According to the CDC, triplets happen in 1 out of 10,000 pregnancies. Majority of triplets are conceived with the aid of fertility treatments. Becoming pregnant with triplets without the assistant of fertility treatments is more rare.

They are 28 weeks in gestation, the beginning of the third trimester. Being able to view the ultrasound and see my grandchildren was thrilling. They are crowded inside, moving a lot. They are doing very well. Each baby weighs a little over 2 pounds, total is over 7 pounds. I was able to hear the heart beats of each baby. We were also able to see and hear them practice breathing.

As a mother in the 80’s and 90’s, I only had two ultrasounds during my four pregnancies. Being able to see my grandchildren during this visit was a blessing beyond measure. These three grandchildren bring the number to fifteen grandchildren. I am blessed.

Babies and mom are doing well. We are looking forward to their delivery in September. Prayers and positive thinking are appreciated.


Short Visit

“Distant makes the heart grow fonder”

My oldest daughter and her children have been visiting for the past five days. When planning vacation time, five days seem like enough days to spend time with us and with her sister. When making plans for this visit there was discussion on the children riding the horses, going fishing, playing in the water, seeing lambs and other activities. They arrive and start visiting, the days fly too fast and soon it is time to return home.

We were able to ride the horse one day. The children were given short lessons. My desire was to teach them to ride and have fun. But an one hour ride is not much time to learn or to ride. The temperatures were very high, over 100 degrees fahrenheit every day. The riding was done in the early morning hours, for the health of the children and the horse.

We spent a day with my other daughter and her family. Enjoying playing card games. The children played in the water, and the adults got wet from not so well aimed water fights. There was good food and conversation. But soon the clock said it was time to return home. A few chores needed done. And everyone needed some rest due to a busy day.

We built and painted wind chimes and bird houses. These items will go in my front yard near my little happy spot of a garden. I need to put a sealer on the bird houses. I have already put the sealer on the wind chimes, and I will hang them after they head home. Little reminders of their short visit.

We did not make it to the lake to go fishing. Fishing is one activity everyone enjoys. But the day only has so many hours to play in, and there were not enough hours for fishing. We will have to go fishing on another visit.

Everyone is quiet as we say good-bye. Desires and emotions are divided. They want to return home to their dad, their animals, and activities, but are sad to leave us as well. I know they need to return home. I am sad to see them leave. Children grow up fast, time passes quickly. There is never enough time to say and do the things the heart desires.

We have pictures and memories of this visit. Things to share with those back home. Treasures to hold in our hearts. Bonds built stronger with experiences shared.


Why Read Blogs?

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Today I was thinking about my blog. Deciding what interesting activity would I write about doing today. During my thoughts I asked, Why do I read blogs? Why does anyone read a blog or blogs?

I started reading blogs by other sheep farmers seven years ago. I was wanting knowledge on raising sheep. I also was wanting ideas on how to arrange the buildings on my farm, to work best for what I was going to be doing in the future. To learn how others operate their sheep farm. Hoping to learn from others’ experience, in order to make my experience better and with fewer mistakes, at least I hoped so.

I have done well with being a sheep farmer, and wanted to share with others some of the pitfalls I had, to those beginning their sheep farm. Hoping to help them out and promote my own sheep, I started a sheep farming blog.

WordPress hosted Bloganuary in January and I decided to participate. I enjoyed reading others people’s blogs on various subjects. Blogs of encouragement, poems, cooking, traveling and many other different writings. Through others’ blogs I was able to learn of different cultures and way of thinking. I enjoyed participating in bloganuary for the experience of reading other people’s blogs.

I enjoy sharing with others my creative adventures, farm life, and words that have encouraged me to be the best that I can be. I also want others to know, I am not perfect, I have my faults and my battles. My life has not been easy, but I overcame, and there is a way they can overcome as well.

I have a vast array of interests and hobbies. I love doing creative things. I enjoy sharing my ideas with others. Some are experiments, and other things I have done for many years and are proven. Most of my projects do not take much finances to have fun. Anyone can be creative, there are simple ways to be creative.

I enjoy sharing my interests, hobbies, creative experiments, cooking recipes, etc. with others. I hope those who read my blog, will be encourage to step out and try new things. Life is fun, lots of things to do and try.

I also write, so my grandchildren can read and learn more of their grandmother they do not get to see very often. For them to hear the stories, and learn of my life experiences.

I have lived many moons, seen many different seasons, and I still look to learn something new each day. That is a reason I read blogs. Reading some blogs gives my encouragement to keep trying when times are hard. This past year I have seen pictures of other places that are not seen in tourist advertisements or common places.

Have you thought why do read blogs?

Thank you for taking time to stop by and read.


Book Relaxation

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In the evenings, after dinner and chores are completed, my husband and I watch a television series. We find a series we enjoy watching, we watch all the seasons and episodes, and have to find another series. It is frustrating as we are not into the reality shows, our lives have enough reality. We do not care for drama, horror or blood and guts, as this is a time to relax and share relaxing conversation. There is always the dread at the end of a series to find another series to watch.

Our series ended yesterday, the series we started watching tonight was not so great. I think he likes the noise of the television to relax. Where I like to take my mind off my daily job, yet keep the mind active in a different direction.

My husband goes to be much earlier than I do. He gets up earlier. Also I can only lay down for a limited number of hours due to back pain. So there are hours of time when he is in bed, and I am awake. House work is not an option as I make too much noise cleaning, or so I have been told. I find some way to quietly relax.

During the first year of Covid-19, a group of women I rode horses with, decided since we could not meet in person for dinner and other activities, we would read a book and then discuss the book through texting. It was an interesting concept, I had not read for pleasure for several years. The activity was a way to do something together, yet not be together.

I rediscovered my love for reading. The first book I read was “Fire Blossom” by Sarah Lark. “Fire Blossom” is a the first book of a trilogy, so the next two books were the continuation of the trilogy. The trilogy is historical novels of New Zealand, the historical events are true, but the names of the people are different, and some family histories have been combined into one family. I found the trilogy to be interesting and relaxing. I even did further research on a few of the historical events that had occured, especially the events concerning the Pink and White Terraces, the eighth wonder of the world.

As a child, I read books constantly. I enjoyed reading. The book took me on adventures and away from the happenings at home. In high school reading books brought knowledge of subjects I enjoyed. As a young adult and mother, books helped me traverse the pathway of single motherhood and being a parent. Then I stopped reading. I became too busy working and raising children, I did not have time for the adventure of someone’s words.

Two years ago, I rediscovered the enjoyment and relaxation of reading. Today, I have a reading list, something I have not had before. A reading list is exciting, something to look forward to when one book is finished, another adventure can start. Currently, I am reading a self help book. Next is a book of poetry. Then on to another novel.

Along with rediscovering reading, I have learned I can have conversation with my family members. My children and their spouses read or listen to audio books. What started out as an activity to do during Covid-19 has turned into an enjoyable family adventure.


Setbacks and Frustration

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A few days ago, I was stung by a wasp and had a local allergic reaction that took me to a visit at an Urgent Care Center. I was clear to do my regular activities. Recently I have been working on refinishing an old dresser for my daughter who expecting triplets in three months.

I have been sanding all the old stain and varnish off, gluing joints and making the dresser beautiful and strong for its future home. With the wasp sting, I have not felt like working on the dresser. My arm was very swollen and ached. The medication has the tendency of upsetting the stomach.

All things associated with the wasp sting, caused me to not work on the dresser. I was planning on taking it to her tomorrow, but it is not ready. I have fallen behind in the work schedule, and still do not feel well enough to work on the number of hours needed to finish, causing frustration.

I needed the dresser to be done for delivery tomorrow, as Monday I was needing to start getting the house ready for my oldest daughter and the grandchildren to visit, arriving on the thirteenth. The dresser takes up a large part of the living room. I also need to get two bedrooms ready for guests, and one of those rooms has to be totally cleaned out of boxes and projects. My schedule is way off track, frustrating me even more.

Frustration does not help us accomplish our goals. Frustration only complicates the situation more.

I have to realize, things happen, out of our control. We have to change the plans and realize we can only do what we can do. My daughter is not going to be upset if the house is not in perfect shape when she gets here. She will understand. I need to relax in the fact she will understand. Relaxing will help me to be more productive.

Breathe, relax, adjust, and the work will get done. One day at a time, One step at a time. And the job will get done. Much easier said than followed.

Frustration steals our energy and our clear thinking mind. We confused and try to different directions at the same time, at least I do. So, I have to stop, breathe, relax and see what step I need to do first and concentrate on that step until done, then start step two, until the job is complete.

I need to not be afraid to ask for help. My husband is here to help me. Monday, he will help me move boxes and things to the storage sheds. He is never sure what to do to assist me, but if I ask, he will do his best to help me.

Frustration can make us tense and snappy with those trying to help us. I work very hard to keep my tension down, but breathing and relaxing my mind. Tension and snappy words do not help the work to go faster, actually it slows down the progress and creates hurt feelings with those around you.

When I get a setback, and frustration tries to step in, I stop, breathe, relax the mind, develop an alternative plan, and move forward one step at a time.

Hope your weekend is going well.


Unexpected Reaction

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I work outside daily. I have worked outside the majority of my life. There are small hazards with working outside, in the yard, in the garden, or talking a walk. Through the years I have been stung by bees, wasps, hornets, scorpions and bit by spiders. Not a major medical experience, treat with baking soda and water paste, use an ice pack and the pain stops shortly.

Yesterday, I was working in the barn setting up a pen to put the Livestock Guard Dog puppies that need to be weaned. A wasp started flying around my face, I swiped to get it away….. it stung me on the arm. I stopped what I was doing, went to the house and applied the treatments that had previously worked. Only the pain did not decrease. Then area of the sting kept swelling.

Within twenty minutes, the area of swelling, redness and heat was over six inches. The same time my husband came home. I talked with my oldest daughter, who is an MA and studying to be an RN, and she said go to a doctor.

We tried to get in to see a doctor who my husband and I really like, but she was out until Tuesday. Their MA said I needed to get professional medical treatment. So we drove to the Urgent Care Center. I am a patient there as they have regular appointments as well as emergencies. I have not been since Covid-19 started, I did not like the hassle of going in with the restrictions, and I limited where I went, plus I really do not like doctors or doctor offices. But, this was a necessity, I had to do this. So in we went.

I was waited a short time before going in. The MA that came in to take my vitals and access the situation was very professional, through and attentive. Not an experience I have had there at times.

When she had placed me in the room (approximately 5 PM), the swelling was past my elbow and my forearm almost twice the size compared to the other forearm. She looked at my arm and appreciated the fact that I had drawn outlines and placed times on the swelling, called mapping. She asked me where I had learned to do that, I said training for Mounted Search and Rescue with the Montezuma Sheriff’s Posse in Colorado. She diagnosed my arm as “very angry”. Good description.

The doctor came in said a definite local allergic reaction. I was advised to get a steroid shot, and take some oral steroids for six days, keep putting on the ice packs. I asked about side effects, my body is ultra sensitive to medications, so I always want to know what the side effects are. I told him I had been stung by a wasp three weeks ago and no strange reaction. He also informed me that we develop allergies as we get older, the medical field does not know why. We discussed the probability of the allergic reactions continuing to increase if I were stung in the future, and if he thought I needed an Epipen. I work outside and the risk of another wasp sting is high.

I received my steroid shot, went to the pharmacy to get the steroid pills. At home I followed the doctor’s directions. The reaction to the steroid shot, instead of making me jittery and raise my anxiety, I became very sluggish and sleepy. Typical, opposite reaction from how medication response with others. About midnight, the pain, swelling had stopped, and the heat was going away. This morning most of the swelling is gone. I will continue to take the steroid pills as directed. I will also me a little more cautious around wasps, bees and hornets.

Unexpected things happen. I have to deal with a calm and clear mind. I deal with medical situations with the sheep and horses several times a year. When it is myself or a person, I have to keep the same mind frame, remain calm and think out a plan. Becoming panicked and over excited only causes the adrenaline to increase making the body react to the situation worse, and the mind not thinking of a plan.

Hope everyone is having a good, safe day.


Prayer and Forgiveness

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When I married my second husband, I knew without a doubt that God had told me he was to be my husband. We had three beautiful children, a boy and two girls. I had a boy from my first marriage. Our family was two boys and two girls. We were not wealthy, although before we were married he had given my dad the impression he was well off. Money was not what makes a marriage. I liked his commitment to God, his values on family, activities we did together and other things.

But years move forward, he had trouble with taking care of family needs and ministering to others. The ministering to others came first in his life, wife and family was further down the list. He believed the stories (lies) from others over my story. I was left to shuttle children on my own. After five years, I was not in love with him, but stayed. The reason, I was not going to break my vows to God when we were married.

I was the major parent, and sometimes the only parent. I look back and I do not know how I did all that I did. I shuttled children to sports practices and games, theatre practices and performances, school events, 4-H meetings and county fairs, taught three 4-H projects in the club, trained horses, did riding clinics and riding lessons and raised foals for five years, as well as go to college to become a licensed teacher. I also worked three jobs: night manager for fast food, waitress and horse trainer, and sometimes part-time bookkeeper. A person can not keep going with that schedule.

The first event to happen was my health failed. My family doctor, and he was the best, could not find a diagnosis although my body functions were shutting down, and I had a very irregular heart rate. The other events snowballed. Things did not stop until I made the decision to leave, get a divorce. I moved out with the three youngest children, my oldest had graduated and was in the Air Force. The year of our divorce 2002.

The events that snowballed and pushed me out of the house left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My three younger children had lifetime scars. It was not physical violence against us. I only wanted to be away from the cause of my pain, deep haunting pain.

The divorce was not pleasant, when the dust settled, two children were with me, our oldest daughter stayed with him. He continued his ministry to others and going to the church. I changed churches and denominations. I moved away from the town we had lived in. I started on a path of searching and not finding. In my heart I could not stand to look at him or hear his voice, a new location was necessary.

We both had our failings during the years. There was bitterness on both sides. But time moves us forward. I started seeing a counselor to gain some control over my anxiety and learn tools to deal with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I learned to not blame myself for others mistakes or wrong doings. I had always worked at having a relationship with my oldest daughter, but she had things to sort through as well.

Five years ago, after her wedding, which I attended (even pinned the boutonniere on her dad before the wedding without any malice) on a visit, she wanted to talk. A year before the wedding, I had cleaned out all the files on the divorce, except the divorce decree with my name change. I had closed the door, gave him to God and left him there. Now my oldest daughter wanted to talk. I told her the facts of my illness, and that when I moved out my body started healing. Stress will kill you. She had come to see her father as a man, not just her father. He is a hard man to live with. I answered her questions with honesty, not covering up my mistakes and not blaming him for everything.

She asked for forgiveness for the things she had said to me years back as a teenager, saying she would be heartbroken if her daughters ever said those things to her. I had forgiven her when she said them, I knew they were the words of her father. I had spent years crying and praying over the loss of our relationship, wanting her to be near, yet she was so far away. During the talk and those that followed, bridges were being rebuilt. A relationship renewed.

The last two years, I have let her know, I will tolerate her father being around. I had forgiven him and there would be peace on my side. We do not have control of what others do, but I would show peace. I know he is important to her and her children. The grandchildren will never know of any dislike between their Grandpa and Granny.

In May, when I went to pick up my grandson for his summer visit at Granny’s, my ex-husband wanted to talk. We talked for several hours, he admitted to doing things wrong, expressed his struggles during our marriage. I told him I had forgiven him years ago, to release myself from the bitterness of the divorce and him. He now understands the sensitivity and talents I have, and has seen the same in his daughters and grandchildren. Forgiveness is not really for the other person, it is for myself or you, to not have bitterness, hatred, and other negative feelings and thought holding you in one place, unable to move forward with your life and purpose.

This June in taking my grandson back to my son, we always stop at my oldest daughter’s for a night or two before continuing. This year, the day I was to take my grandson home, his little sister was born. I offered to give everyone a ride to Grand Junction to see the baby girl.

The plan was to surprise my son with the appearance of his mom, dad and oldest sister coming together for a visit. But, the grandson answered my cellphone when his dad called, as I was driving, and told our secret.

We went to my son’s home. Our son was a little surprise and not sure what to think with his mom and dad in the same vehicle for a four hour drive. We learned he was replacing the swamp cooler as it had quit. I always drive a truck, and it was needed to haul a swamp cooler. First stop was get swamp cooler from Lowe’s, then visit the mother and little girl at the hospital, then return home to install swamp cooler. We took two vehicles, my daughter rode with me. The town had changed since I lived there with new roads, so we got lost going to Lowe’s. We got the swamp cooler, then got lost going to hospital, again new roads. We parked in a parking lot, not the parking garage. One ton pickup trucks with dual rear tires do not fit well in parking garages. We then had to find a door to the hospital that was opened, Sunday they close all entrances except one.

We visited with mom, held the new granddaughter (number 12) and took pictures. Then went to my son’s home and began working installing the swamp cooler. Again, my daughter and I got lost, seen the area, due to new roads.

It had been over twenty years since all of us were together. There was laughing, joking and working to take one swamp cooler down and taking all four of us to get the new swamp cooler up the ladder, on the roof and in place. When we finished, it was getting dark. Then time to start the four hour drive back to where my daughter lives.

My ex-husband has changed very little over the years. He is who he is. He gets on everyone’s nerves at times. But we accept that he is who he is. He is more relaxed and enjoys playing with the grandchildren more than he did with his own children.

The past years I had lots of prayers. I had some serious discussions on why I married the man. God showed me his mother praying. No one would ever had married him, he would not have had children or grandchildren. I asked God why me, the answer was because I was strong enough to answer the prayer of a mother. She desired her son to marry, have children and grandchildren and be blessed. Her prayers were answered. And God made me strong enough.

Before I left, my oldest daughter shared with me that this visit was the best she has ever had with me. She enjoyed working with me on her cement pond. She never thought that her parents would ever be in a vehicle together, nor work together with their children. The visit was more than what she had ever prayed for.


“The Mommy Switch”

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I am a happy and proud mother of four children. One of the happiest moments in my life was when I became a mother. Upon becoming a mother, a switch turned on, the “mommy switch”. Life became centered around providing for, teaching, and protecting my children.

Time marches on, they grow up and become their own person. Each child starts their own lives, finding spouses and having their own children. In the process of each child growing up, and establishing their independence, I have learned to control my instincts and impulses as a mother to tell my children what they need to do, choices they should make and direct their lives. I want to protect them from making the mistakes I made, feeling the pain of those mistakes. As a mother, I still desire for my children to be happy with no pain or disappointments. My words at times is considered “unwanted advice”.

This “unwanted advice” or meddling can cause problems in the relationship with my children and their spouses. But I have not learned how to turn off the “mommy switch”. I keep my words to myself, but how do I deal with the desire to speak? I voice my concerns in prayer.

When things happen in my children’s lives, things I can not speak to them about, I pray. I take the energy of concern and put the words I desire to speak and focus them in prayer for my children.

My children are now parents. They have experience with the “parent switch”. They are starting to feel the desire to speak to their teenage children about concerns, yet also realize they have to make some decisions on their own as they are becoming adults. My children are learning the challenges of the “parent switch”.

My children learning the “parent switch”, they now understand my difficulties of when I said something they considered meddling at the time, to be the voice of a concerned loving parent.

Recently I was asked by one of my children of how to speak to their teenager about a situation. My grandchild thinks they have been bullied at school. When all the facts were brought forth, they and another student was competing and verbally “fighting” to be best friends with one student. We had a discussion on defining bullying. Then the discussion turned to what makes a friend. A person who chooses to be friends with one person at a time, does not know what friends truly are. There was no reason both of you could not be friends with the student at the same time.

Granny talking to the teenager, although it was the same words used by their mother, had a different effect. A useful verbal communication because of the “mommy switch”.

Living with the “mommy switch” is not easy. Being a parent is not easy. Being a grandparent is a little easier than being a parent, but still has challenges. The “mommy switch” is an important part of our make up in becoming a mother, carries over in being a grandmother. Learning to control the tongue with the “mommy switch” is the challenge.

Still, I love being a mother. I thoroughly enjoy being a Granny. And I look forward, although I hope not too soon to the adventures of being a great-grandmother.

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Different Lifestyle

I realize the posts I publish exhibit a different lifestyle than most lifestyles of those reading the posts. I enjoy sharing parts of my life with others. I say parts of my life as it is very to post about the varied things I do in one day of living.

My life is multifaceted. I am a mother. Although my children are grown, when you are a mom, you are a mom forever. I am proud of my children and their families.

I am a grandmother. I currently have eleven grandchildren. I will have a granddaughter born in June. And the triplets will be born in September. Two of my grandchildren have graduated from high school.

My biggest passion is horses. I professionally trained horses for twenty years. My children grew up during the time I was training, raising and selling horses. I love the foals, and being the first to teach them about people and starting their training on the ground. Currently I own four horses.

My children were involved in 4-H. You do not have to live on a farm to join and receive the benefits of being involved in 4-H. My children showed horses, pigs, sheep, rabbits and poultry. But they also did rocketry, leather craft, ceramics, baking, sewing, and photography and painting. There are many projects a child can learn to do and exhibit that do not involve an animal or having to have a farm. I was a project leader of many of the projects my children choose to participate in.

4-H teaches more than projects. Youth learn proper rules and etiquette for council meetings and meetings of government entities. They learn to present what they have made and learned. Record keeping is also done and judged. There are local, regional, district and national offices the youth campaign for and are elected to by their peers. In my opinion, 4-H is a great place for youth being homeschooled, it provides a fun environment for learning and meeting others with the same interests.

I taught horsemanship clinics and judged horse shows, poultry shows, rabbit shows and even judged llamas once. I did not know much about llamas, I told the show management as much. But I was present and the llama judge was not. I was chosen for the position.

Working with others to learn to ride and the various projects I taught in 4-H, I realize people do not know what I am talking about at times. They do not know the procedure and steps to get an animal ready for exhibition or a piece of ceramic.

Currently, I am a sheep farmer. I love being a sheep farmer. Watching the lambs, talking with the sheep, and seeing my breeding program evolve bring me joy and completeness.

Be assured I care very much for my animals. They are living beings. Yes, I do eat my own sheep. I also am thankful to the animal, and there is a ceremony, that gives its life so I may live. I sit up all night with a sick lamb. I have sick lambs in my house, along with the unpleasant odor and mess.

I am willing to answer questions concerning my posts on things you, the reader, may not understand. I know the posts I read are from people who do very different activities and have different passions than myself. I am not afraid to ask a question. We gain knowledge by seeking, asking and listening.