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Bloganuary dailly prompt #10: What book has changed your life?

I love books, the smell, texture and endless possibilities of what lies within. I have read books for learning. Books about animals has always been a favorite. History and historical novels are a favorite. Learning new skills in gardening or cooking peak my interest. There have been a few self-help books, one of my favorites is ‘Who moved the cheese?’. Sometimes just some place to go, much different from my own to relax.

I can not there is one or several books that changed my life, but different things in books influenced my thinking and sometimes the way I chose to do things. There is one book that changed my activity as a mother, ‘Farmer Boy’ by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My oldest son was in the third grade, and not reading so well. He really wanted to read ‘Farmer Boy’, but those reading the book were in a much higher reading level group. His teacher called me in for a conference to discuss that my son really wanted to read the book and we were trying to encourage him to want to read. His teacher and I both agreed to let him join the higher reading level group, and I would read the book with him at home. That started a process of reading books with my children that they were required to read in school. Reading the same books gave us something else to talk about and discuss. I followed through with reading books my other three children were reading as well. I did a lot of reading.

Today, my children and I still read and share books we enjoyed reading with each other. What started out as helping my oldest son to enjoy reading and learn to read, became an activity we share still today. Along with my children and I sharing books, my children read books with their children and participate in discussions. Sometimes if it is a book I have read, my grandchildren and I will talk about the book.

Recently, two of my granddaughters requested books for Christmas gifts. I was happy to buy the books as gifts and send them. One granddaughter requested Sherlock Holmes books. I found a set of seven books. I had read two of the books and thought it would be nice to read the other five. I will have more to talk about with my granddaughter.

Books, I have books, love books and enjoy reading. I have passed the love of books forward to my children, they to their children.


Book Relaxation

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In the evenings, after dinner and chores are completed, my husband and I watch a television series. We find a series we enjoy watching, we watch all the seasons and episodes, and have to find another series. It is frustrating as we are not into the reality shows, our lives have enough reality. We do not care for drama, horror or blood and guts, as this is a time to relax and share relaxing conversation. There is always the dread at the end of a series to find another series to watch.

Our series ended yesterday, the series we started watching tonight was not so great. I think he likes the noise of the television to relax. Where I like to take my mind off my daily job, yet keep the mind active in a different direction.

My husband goes to be much earlier than I do. He gets up earlier. Also I can only lay down for a limited number of hours due to back pain. So there are hours of time when he is in bed, and I am awake. House work is not an option as I make too much noise cleaning, or so I have been told. I find some way to quietly relax.

During the first year of Covid-19, a group of women I rode horses with, decided since we could not meet in person for dinner and other activities, we would read a book and then discuss the book through texting. It was an interesting concept, I had not read for pleasure for several years. The activity was a way to do something together, yet not be together.

I rediscovered my love for reading. The first book I read was “Fire Blossom” by Sarah Lark. “Fire Blossom” is a the first book of a trilogy, so the next two books were the continuation of the trilogy. The trilogy is historical novels of New Zealand, the historical events are true, but the names of the people are different, and some family histories have been combined into one family. I found the trilogy to be interesting and relaxing. I even did further research on a few of the historical events that had occured, especially the events concerning the Pink and White Terraces, the eighth wonder of the world.

As a child, I read books constantly. I enjoyed reading. The book took me on adventures and away from the happenings at home. In high school reading books brought knowledge of subjects I enjoyed. As a young adult and mother, books helped me traverse the pathway of single motherhood and being a parent. Then I stopped reading. I became too busy working and raising children, I did not have time for the adventure of someone’s words.

Two years ago, I rediscovered the enjoyment and relaxation of reading. Today, I have a reading list, something I have not had before. A reading list is exciting, something to look forward to when one book is finished, another adventure can start. Currently, I am reading a self help book. Next is a book of poetry. Then on to another novel.

Along with rediscovering reading, I have learned I can have conversation with my family members. My children and their spouses read or listen to audio books. What started out as an activity to do during Covid-19 has turned into an enjoyable family adventure.