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Sixty, a number, and my age this year. I am sixty years old. BUT I do not feel like I am sixty years old. YET, I have never been sixty years old, so I would I know what it feels like to be sixty. Actually, I can not really wrap my thinking around being sixty…

February Happenings

The month of February has been a busy month so far. Besides my job and the sheep there are been some projects that we are working on getting accomplished this year. Managing my time has become a priority this month. One project is to have our acreage divided and sell a few acres. Since my…

Repost: The Power of Lipstick by GroundedAfrican.com

I am not a person who takes time to put on makeup everyday. My often response to why I do not wear makeup was, “Sheep do not care what I look like.” But the truth is I should care how I look for my own self. I realized this more when I read a post…

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