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Birthday Cakes

Bloganuary Daily Prompt #28: Describe your perfect birthday cake? Variety is the spice of life. I love to bake and cook exploring different spices, flavors, and preparation of foods. I enjoy trying different recipes from different countries and cultures. Some agree with my palate others do not, but there is fun and excitement in cooking…

Procrastination: Pros vs Cons

Bloganuary Daily Prompt #27 : What are the pros and cons of procrastination? Procrastination putting off today, what should have been done yesterday, hoping to get it done tomorrow. I think every person has some procrastination. There are tasks we need to do that we do not like to do. I do not like laundry.…


I was raised and lived the majority of my life in a very culturally diverse area. I lived where four states join at their corners in one spot, call The Four Corners. In this area are four Native American tribal reservations, a strong Hispanic and Spaniard populations and Caucasian Americans. Mennonites and Quakers of German…

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