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“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Growing up and the majority of my lifetime I lived where having a white Christmas was part of the Christmas decorations created by mother nature. Around Halloween the first snow would arrive, large feathery snowflakes whirling slowly downward in the still and quiet night arousing the Christmas spirit for the year. My favorite time of … Continue reading ““I’ll Be Home for Christmas””

Writer’s Block

The questions and thoughts twirl in my mind like a tornado, yet I am unsure and unable to put a word down on a resume. I have watched tutorials on how to write a good resume. Resume format has changed in the last decade. Yet, all that has come to paper is my name and … Continue reading “Writer’s Block”

Changes in Life’s Journey

Life is a journey with twists, turns, hills, valleys and rainbows. Each travels a pathway seeking a destination all their own. Sometimes those pathways cross others, or are shared for awhile. When we start this journey of life we are children, traveling with our parent or parents, traveling the path the parent is traveling. As … Continue reading “Changes in Life’s Journey”

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