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Granny’s Lullaby

Their eyes are locked in love’s eternal gaze,As they gently sway to the words of phrase.Her voice is scratchy due to age,The meaning is an eternal truth. Simple words, simple tuneLocked in time past now brought to the present.Many years have past since she sang the tune,As she gently swayed her little ones to sleep.…

Progress – First Month

April 10, I went and picked up my three grandchildren: Mr. A. a three year old, Mr. M a two year old, and Ms. L a ten month old infant. All three wear diapers, are very vocal, but not verbal. They were upset, unsure, afraid and angry. They did not know what was happening to…

Mother’s Day 2023 Musings

Yesterday we went to visit my daughter with the triplets and six year old daughter and husband’s home for a Mother’s Day dinner. There is a lot of planning in taking three small children to a different place for a few hours. Diapers, bottles, baby food, change of clothes as the oldest is working on…

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