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Mom’s Goulash

Another meal that can “stretch” the groceries is goulash. My mom would make goulash with a little bit of ground meat and leftover vegetables. Brown 1/2 pound of ground meat (beef, pork, turkey or chicken), add leftover vegetables or some mixed vegetables of any kind, elbow noodles about 2 cups for a family of 6, … Continue reading “Mom’s Goulash”

Cream of Mushroom Casserole

In my last post I spoke about tough times for everyone due to rising costs of groceries and other items we need. I also mentioned I can make a pound of meat “stretch” to make three meals. One of my favorite recipes I developed when going through tough times was Cream of Mushroom Casserole. Obviously … Continue reading “Cream of Mushroom Casserole”

Money Up, Money Down

This past year I have been trying to educate myself concerning economics and money. I would like to have more money for sure, but I also know the economy determines prices of things we purchase and sell. I want to understand how this economy works. It would be easier to gain understanding by attending a … Continue reading “Money Up, Money Down”

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