Searching a Path

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When I lived in Colorado and rode horses in the mountains, we would start out on a path or trail. Later in our ride, we would leave the path in search of a way to reach a certain peak or area.

In life, we start out on a path of our parents’ choosing. As children we do not make the decisions that affect our lives, our parents to. As we mature, leave home and beg the searching for our way to reach a certain dream. We begin making the decisions on what we should do or not do. Now the responsibility of where our path leads us is our own choosing.

I have shared stories of my past and learning as an adult I was adopted. Then a family relative learned they were adopted as well. I was asked not to share my family past history as the family relatives did not want someone to learn who they were and what may have been said. So I stopped writing my past stories.

I feel I should share my life history with others. I know I have gained encouragement and hope by reading or listening to someone else, and that they have overcome the unpleasant or traumatic event in their life. So, there maybe someone, somewhere that needs to see a full story of how a person overcame the challenging events in their lives.

I know I am not the only person to be molested as a child, but for years I felt I was, alone and no one else had ever been treated that way. Learning that I was not the only person to be molested, helped me to not be ashamed and to speak out.

When you think you are the only one that has had something bad happen to you, you blame yourself. “I must be bad or something is wrong with me and that is why bad things happen” are the thoughts that go through the mind.

By sharing my life story, I hope to reach others and let them know they are not alone. I want those around me to maybe have some understanding as to why I think or behave the way I do. Sharing also helps with my healing. I am no longer hiding those things in my mind and heart, I am getting them out into the light so I can continued to be healed.

There are still things that I am working through from my childhood. How do I overcome the bad situations that have happened to me, with an inward strength from above. I do not do it all by myself, I have a God who cares and helps. Sometimes that help is in a message from another person. The important thing is you are not alone.

We are quick to share the joys of our lives with others. We should not feel like we are alone when the bad things happen. Good or bad, we need others to share it with.

Thank you for stopping and reading.


3 thoughts on “Searching a Path”

  1. I do pray your story inspires someone who may themself in a dark place…may they be given hope. So many people have walked this road and need encouragement. Thanks for sharing…


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