Why Read Blogs?

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Pexels.com

Today I was thinking about my blog. Deciding what interesting activity would I write about doing today. During my thoughts I asked, Why do I read blogs? Why does anyone read a blog or blogs?

I started reading blogs by other sheep farmers seven years ago. I was wanting knowledge on raising sheep. I also was wanting ideas on how to arrange the buildings on my farm, to work best for what I was going to be doing in the future. To learn how others operate their sheep farm. Hoping to learn from others’ experience, in order to make my experience better and with fewer mistakes, at least I hoped so.

I have done well with being a sheep farmer, and wanted to share with others some of the pitfalls I had, to those beginning their sheep farm. Hoping to help them out and promote my own sheep, I started a sheep farming blog.

WordPress hosted Bloganuary in January and I decided to participate. I enjoyed reading others people’s blogs on various subjects. Blogs of encouragement, poems, cooking, traveling and many other different writings. Through others’ blogs I was able to learn of different cultures and way of thinking. I enjoyed participating in bloganuary for the experience of reading other people’s blogs.

I enjoy sharing with others my creative adventures, farm life, and words that have encouraged me to be the best that I can be. I also want others to know, I am not perfect, I have my faults and my battles. My life has not been easy, but I overcame, and there is a way they can overcome as well.

I have a vast array of interests and hobbies. I love doing creative things. I enjoy sharing my ideas with others. Some are experiments, and other things I have done for many years and are proven. Most of my projects do not take much finances to have fun. Anyone can be creative, there are simple ways to be creative.

I enjoy sharing my interests, hobbies, creative experiments, cooking recipes, etc. with others. I hope those who read my blog, will be encourage to step out and try new things. Life is fun, lots of things to do and try.

I also write, so my grandchildren can read and learn more of their grandmother they do not get to see very often. For them to hear the stories, and learn of my life experiences.

I have lived many moons, seen many different seasons, and I still look to learn something new each day. That is a reason I read blogs. Reading some blogs gives my encouragement to keep trying when times are hard. This past year I have seen pictures of other places that are not seen in tourist advertisements or common places.

Have you thought why do read blogs?

Thank you for taking time to stop by and read.