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Writer’s Block

The questions and thoughts twirl in my mind like a tornado, yet I am unsure and unable to put a word down on a resume. I have watched tutorials on how to write a good resume. Resume format has changed in the last decade. Yet, all that has come to paper is my name and … Continue reading “Writer’s Block”

Changes in Life’s Journey

Life is a journey with twists, turns, hills, valleys and rainbows. Each travels a pathway seeking a destination all their own. Sometimes those pathways cross others, or are shared for awhile. When we start this journey of life we are children, traveling with our parent or parents, traveling the path the parent is traveling. As … Continue reading “Changes in Life’s Journey”

The Challenge

Standing at where the narrow steep path spits in several directions. She knows where she wants to go, where she wants to be. How to get there is the dilemma. This is not her first crossroads, there have been other cross roads on her journey. At a few she made the decision she thought was … Continue reading “The Challenge”

First Cold Snap

The air is cold, and I have spent the past two days getting ready for the freeze that was coming our way. I do not care much for the cold. Where I live there is not frosty wonderland to see the morning of a freeze, everything covered with frosty crystals. Here when there is a … Continue reading “First Cold Snap”

Preparing for Thanksgiving

This year we are having my husband’s daughter and her family down for Thanksgiving. Along with her and her family of four children, she is bringing down a boyfriend to meet her father. They have been seeing each other for a least two years. Their relationship is getting serious. Her children like him, and his … Continue reading “Preparing for Thanksgiving”

Sore, Tired, Feel Good

Yesterday the weather forecast said there would be rain. Towards the end of doing my morning feeding and turning the sheep out to pasture, there was some tiny raindrops. I changed my plan of oiling thing wooden steps for the back door. I decided to deworm and trim feet on the last group of ewes. … Continue reading “Sore, Tired, Feel Good”

The Clutter Queen

There are areas I am very organized, with a place for each item. My tack shed is one such place. I have a place for each saddle, bridle, halter and lead rope. Yet, there are some areas I am the “Clutter Queen”. I enjoy seeing a home with everything in a place, easy to find … Continue reading “The Clutter Queen”

Thankful for Sunshine

The past two weeks have been cloudy and overcast with the hope of rain. I love rain falling. In my area we need rain. But the dreary grey blue days of cloudy overcast causes my spirit to drop. The cloudy overcast days of filtered sunshine does not help the daily depression I battle. Sunshine brings … Continue reading “Thankful for Sunshine”

Voting – Right or Duty

Yesterday was Election Day in the United States, the last day to cast your vote for people wanting to represent their community, state or country in a governing position. The United States is a Democratic Republic, in short the people are represented in government by those the majority vote to hold that position. It has … Continue reading “Voting – Right or Duty”


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