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The Calculator

This coming week many young people will be heading back to school. The beginning of a new educational year. Their parents have been busy getting school supplies, school clothes, and other necessary items for their children. I remember always looking forward to returning to school. I love learning. I enjoyed the classroom where I excelled. … Continue reading “The Calculator”

“Sale Barn” Day

Today I went to the sheep and goat sale barn. I have not been since April when the young owner of the sale barn shut down suddenly for unknown reasons. He reopened in July. I took a four young sheep to sale. I was planning on keeping three of the young sheep for replacement ewes, … Continue reading ““Sale Barn” Day”

International Youth Day

International Youth Day is an United Nations holiday to bring awareness of the needs and accomplishments of youth world wide. Initially the focus was on educational issues facing children and teenagers. Today, the focus is on all aspects of challenges and needs of youth. I live in the United States where education is free for … Continue reading “International Youth Day”

Happy S’mores Day

August 10 is Happy S’more Day, the sweet treat prepared over a fire. A camping tradition of ending the day with conversation and eating s’mores. The recipe is simple, get a two gram crackers, put a piece or pieces of chocolate on one side, roast your marshmallow and sandwich between the gram crackers. Then eat … Continue reading “Happy S’mores Day”

Done and Delivered

Yesterday I delivered the old dresser I have been working on. The hours of sanding by hand, cutting wood pieces to replace the broken pieces, and brushing with varnish has produced a beautiful heirloom for my daughter and her children. This wooden dresser is fifty years old or a little older. The dresser was used … Continue reading “Done and Delivered”

Fall Garden Planning

Where I live, a person can plant two gardens, a spring garden and a fall or winter garden. The spring garden is tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, beans and other vegetables that require warm temperatures to grow and produce fruit. In July these plants in these spring gardens stop producing fruit due to the high temperatures, … Continue reading “Fall Garden Planning”


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