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Mom’s Goulash

Another meal that can “stretch” the groceries is goulash. My mom would make goulash with a little bit of ground meat and leftover vegetables. Brown 1/2 pound of ground meat (beef, pork, turkey or chicken), add leftover vegetables or some mixed vegetables of any kind, elbow noodles about 2 cups for a family of 6, … Continue reading “Mom’s Goulash”

Money Up, Money Down

This past year I have been trying to educate myself concerning economics and money. I would like to have more money for sure, but I also know the economy determines prices of things we purchase and sell. I want to understand how this economy works. It would be easier to gain understanding by attending a … Continue reading “Money Up, Money Down”

Getting Things Done

There are times, most times for me, there are more things that need to be done than hours in the day to complete the tasks. I have been home for three days. There was the market lambs to take to the sheep sale on Friday, then to go to the sale on Saturday. Sunday was … Continue reading “Getting Things Done”

Helping Hands

This weekend while home for a few days to perform some tasks at home that had to be done by me, I was thinking about “helping hands”. There are times in our lives we need a “helping hand”. Help moving a heavy object or a large object. I am helping my daughter’s family by driving … Continue reading “Helping Hands”

My Longest Day

Days move quickly into weeks, months and years. Time is marked off with precision. Although daylight hours may shift depending on the month of the year, each day has 24 hours. Then there are days when time seems to crawl slowly. September 14 happened to be a day time crawled miserably slow. Since September 4 … Continue reading “My Longest Day”

Happy Grandparents’ Day

For those who are grandparents, Happy Grandparents’ Day. I love being a grandparent. In some cultures, grandparents are the family members responsible for passing forward the family history. They are the family storytellers and historians. Since I am adopted, there are no generations of family history to pass forward, but I can tell a funny … Continue reading “Happy Grandparents’ Day”


Remember Christmas Eve, as a child, the anticipation of Santa Claus arriving with the gifts requested in a letter mailed weeks before. Or perhaps those requested were whispered in his ear during a shopping visit to a mall or large store. Anticipating his arrival, sleep will not come due to the excitement racing through your … Continue reading “Anticipation”


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