Short Visit

“Distant makes the heart grow fonder”

My oldest daughter and her children have been visiting for the past five days. When planning vacation time, five days seem like enough days to spend time with us and with her sister. When making plans for this visit there was discussion on the children riding the horses, going fishing, playing in the water, seeing lambs and other activities. They arrive and start visiting, the days fly too fast and soon it is time to return home.

We were able to ride the horse one day. The children were given short lessons. My desire was to teach them to ride and have fun. But an one hour ride is not much time to learn or to ride. The temperatures were very high, over 100 degrees fahrenheit every day. The riding was done in the early morning hours, for the health of the children and the horse.

We spent a day with my other daughter and her family. Enjoying playing card games. The children played in the water, and the adults got wet from not so well aimed water fights. There was good food and conversation. But soon the clock said it was time to return home. A few chores needed done. And everyone needed some rest due to a busy day.

We built and painted wind chimes and bird houses. These items will go in my front yard near my little happy spot of a garden. I need to put a sealer on the bird houses. I have already put the sealer on the wind chimes, and I will hang them after they head home. Little reminders of their short visit.

We did not make it to the lake to go fishing. Fishing is one activity everyone enjoys. But the day only has so many hours to play in, and there were not enough hours for fishing. We will have to go fishing on another visit.

Everyone is quiet as we say good-bye. Desires and emotions are divided. They want to return home to their dad, their animals, and activities, but are sad to leave us as well. I know they need to return home. I am sad to see them leave. Children grow up fast, time passes quickly. There is never enough time to say and do the things the heart desires.

We have pictures and memories of this visit. Things to share with those back home. Treasures to hold in our hearts. Bonds built stronger with experiences shared.



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