A Billion Dollars

Bloganuary 2023 Day #13 prompt: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

The only way I would ever have a billion US dollars to spend, would be if I won one of the lotteries. Those chances are very small. The statistics of the life of those who have won the lottery are not good, as the majority of them have no money and a lot of debt after a few years. Yet, I have played the lotteries and I have considered what I would do with the money if I just happened to win. I would not let anyone know I had won a lottery or had a billion dollars.

The way to not let a sudden influx of capital destroy you as a person and your life is to have a plan. I have a plan. First, I would pay off all my loans, which is a mortgage on my home and a personal loan. Seven years ago, I made a plan to pay off all credit cards and not to ever have a credit card again.

I would invest the money left after paying off my debts. I would live and spend the interest or investment gains, not the spend any of the principal amount of money I received. Using simple interest of 1%, a billion dollars would net one million dollars each year. I can live and do what I want with a million dollars. As long as the principal amount is not less, I would continue to earn a million dollars every year.

Next, I would buy some land, not too large and not too small, and build my dream home. I have a budget for this dream home and would not go over the budget. The dream home is a modest three bedroom, two bathroom house. I am not fond of cleaning a house, and I am not comfortable to have someone else clean my house. The house is not very large. So there would be no housekeeper hired or groundskeeper hired to care for my yard.

Then with the money I would make, I would be able to travel to see my children and grandchildren. One of the things that hinders us seeing each other is the money required for traveling, since my children all live in other states. I would pay for my grandchildren to have higher education in a technical school or college, but they would have to keep their GPA at a good standing for the college assistance.

I would have to make another will. The dispersal of the money upon the death of both my husband and myself would be done with some serious thought and prayer. It would not all go to the children and grandchildren like it does now. I would want to give some to charity.

I would still raise sheep. I enjoy being a sheep farmer. Being a sheep farmer is a very happy spot for me. There are a couple of charities I already give to, that I would increase the amount I give. I would live on a budget and only live from the interest or gains from the principle, not spend any of the billion dollars. I would not dress different, as I am comfortable in what I wear.



5 thoughts on “A Billion Dollars”

    1. Thank you. I have a goal to make a million dollars, so I have a plan on how it will be spent..lol I am not sure I will reach that goal in my lifetime, but I have a plan. Thank you for stopping and reading.


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