Chores that Challenge

Bloganuary 2023 Daily Prompt for Day 12: What chores do you find the most challenging to do?

Until recently this would have been an easy answer, bookkeeping. Since I am self-employed as a sheep farmer and I raise registered sheep there is the record keeping of expenses and income that I find challenging to do. The records on the sheep of which ewe had which lambs is easy to do, I record the information in a small book the day the lambs are born. It is the tracking of expense and income I dread.

Recently, I became employed outside of the home. It has been thirteen years since I worked outside the home. The challenge is time to do the household chores. I still get the sheep fed and taken care of. But finding the energy to do household chores after working the new job is difficult.

I am sure things will get better as I build up stamina to have energy for both. For the time being there will be no fresh baked bread, meals will be simpler, laundry will not be done all the time, and forget about the dusting. I will adjust and adapt and things will get done. But bookkeeping will always be a challenge.


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