Me, Myself, and I – Happy Anniversary

On January 12, 2022 I wrote my first post for Me, Myself and I. I am a day late, but life has been a little busy. I started this site after accepting the challenge of Bloganuary 2022 where daily prompts are given and you write about the prompts. I had a sheep site, but most of the prompts were difficult to write under a sheep based site. So, Me, Myself and I was created.

It has been a wonderful journey of learning, writing and sharing with others. I appreciate those who follow and read my blogs. The subjects are varied and sometimes I just share a part of myself and the emotions of what is going on in my life during that time. I appreciate all those who stop by for a visit.

The year of writing a blog I have grown as a writer. I have learned that I really do enjoy writing. My writing has grown as much as I have. I have been encouraged to continue to write, and to write a few books or more. I never thought of being a writer or an author of books until I started this blog.

I have also greatly enjoyed reading others’ blogs. I have been encouraged in life. Learned how things are in other parts of the world, places I know I will not see other than through the photos other share. There are some really beautiful places, peoples and cultures besides the ones in our own backyard.

My eyes are open to different ways of thinking and expressing ideas and thoughts. I know from experience, five people can watch an event or accident, and there are five different accounts, with a few similarities running through all five- the facts. I have grown to appreciate others thoughts and beliefs and have gained some understanding.

This year of blogging has been a year of learning, understanding, and personal growth. I am thankful that for some reasons unknown, as I do not really understand why I started this blog, I started writing, and blogging. Thank you for sharing this past year with me and I hope you continue.



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