Changes in Life’s Journey

Life is a journey with twists, turns, hills, valleys and rainbows. Each travels a pathway seeking a destination all their own. Sometimes those pathways cross others, or are shared for awhile.

When we start this journey of life we are children, traveling with our parent or parents, traveling the path the parent is traveling. As teenagers, we start wanting our own path, one that is close by, but yet separate. The security of being able to return to the path of our parent is a comfort when the path gets hard or difficult, or we reach a crossroads and unsure of where we are going. Gradually the path separates, and we are traveling our own journey through life.

For some of us, we are blessed with having someone to travel the path with. Having a partner to travel beside you on the journey of life is not an easy tasks. The twists, turns, hills, valleys are all there, only each can help the other, leading support and assistance when needed. Crossroads can be a challenge as both must agree on which path to take in order to travel together. There are times while traveling with a partner, that one of the partners has a harder time traveling that pathway, or the path chosen is more difficult for one, yet both are affected.

When life events changes things, and the path that was once smooth becomes difficult, a partnership can get stronger or be destroyed depending on how each reacts to the situation. Life events such as family deaths, injuries, loss of income or age can cause the partnership to be challenged.

My husband and I have been through so tough times. Being angry at each other during the difficult times does not make it easier to choose a path or to make the pathway smoother. It is hard to make good choices with high and hostile emotions.

Recently, my husband was released from his job, first time he has ever been fired. We were both angry, but not angry at each other. While there is evidence of discrimination, not enough on paper to make a winning case. I was aware of this job being a hostile environment for my husband. The tension after work was very apparent. He would be required to answer the phone calls from his supervisors, even on his days off, and not get paid. There were times his vacations and days off were cancelled as he was required to be at work as there was no one able to cover, and his supervisor was not going to.

Yes, we are without an income at this moment. Strangely, I am pleased he is not working for this company any longer. I tolerated the sharp remarks, quiet moodiness from him having a tough day at work. When his days off would come, it would take a full day for him to relax to work on the place with me, then a phone call would come and the mood be ruined.

Today, four days after him being dismissed. He was relaxed and calm. The best I have felt him be. We should be stressed about finances. The path should feel rocky, steep, dangerous, and yet, we both feel the pathway is smooth. We have a plan on how to get through this part of our life journey.

Today I had my partner, the one I married years ago. It felt good.



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