The Challenge

Standing at where the narrow steep path spits in several directions. She knows where she wants to go, where she wants to be. How to get there is the dilemma. This is not her first crossroads, there have been other cross roads on her journey. At a few she made the decision she thought was right, only to have the pathway end at a cliff, from there she had to make her own path. Fighting and climbing to reach a place of relative safety, yet not where she wanted to be.

Once, she choose a path, the going was hard but not difficult. As she traveled, the ground started falling away before her. She turned to go back, the path was gone. The ground gave way under her feet. Falling seemed to take forever, then the searing pain through out her whole body as she hit the rocks below.

The extreme pain kept her paralyzed for awhile. With great determination, she gradually began to crawl, to move forward. With time her injuries healed, leaving scars and a limp as evidence of her trial. An inward drive keeps her going to where she wants to be. The place is said to be heaven, a place of no struggles and sunshine.

Today, she feels she is wearing a blindfold, unable to see past the decision she has to make. She is scared of where the path she chooses may lead her. Will it be closer to her destination or on a pathway where the ground disappears once more? Make a decision she will, and travel the path with hopes of reaching her destination.

So it is with the challenges we face. Life events happen and we are faced with decisions, not knowing where the whole pathway leads. Life events may be a change in income, a natural disaster or a biological event such as Covid. Perhaps it is a happy event such as a union or children.

A couple of days back, my husband was released from his job, our main income. Today we face decisions on what pathway to take. There are several choices to decide from, but which one is best? Regardless of the pathway we take, we will work together striving to reach our goals and dreams and growing stronger because of it.

Challenges give us the opportunity to grow, to become stronger. How we face the challenge and proceed forward determines our destination.


4 thoughts on “The Challenge”

  1. So sorry to hear about your husband, but like you said every challenge is an opportunity for you to grow. This is not something that people just say, it’s a fact. You two just continue working together and be open to change. Btw I also like the style of this blog, well written and inspiring!

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  2. The โ€˜endโ€™ is often the beginning of something beautiful. The wonderful thing is you have each other to ride this out. You will come out on the other side in due season.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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