Writer’s Block

The questions and thoughts twirl in my mind like a tornado, yet I am unsure and unable to put a word down on a resume. I have watched tutorials on how to write a good resume. Resume format has changed in the last decade. Yet, all that has come to paper is my name and contact information.

I have not been slack the past eleven years. I have worked at raising horses for five years and the last six years I have been raising sheep. I worked remodeling and updating our home. Building a storage shed and four shelters plus fencing on the farm. There are daily duties performed regardless of the weather. But how does a person write this down for a resume.

I have been writing this blog for almost a year. Although some of the blogs are below average in my opinion, I have not had writer’s block, the inability to words to thoughts. I have started a novel, somedays the words fly from my mind to my fingers, other days there is a bit of struggle on how to word those thoughts, but the words appear. Then I started composing my resume and every thought disappeared.

Writer’s block where not a word even wants to appear, just plain void. It affected more than just the resume, I could not even respond to a text message from my daughter. If I had to put a word down in written format, my mind was totally blank.

I have never experienced a totally blank brain. My mind is always racing with thoughts and ideas. But two days ago, the mind was totally blank, froze up like a computer without a reset button.

Then yesterday, my husband and I worked on some steps for our backdoor. The warm sunshine, the simple painting with a paint brush back and forth covering every inch of wood. Our conversation of forward plans for our future, not words of resumes or job applications. Plain simple conversation and physical work with visits from the dogs, sheep and goats, the dam in my mind started leaking. As with any dam that begins to leak, more and more thoughts and information poured forth removing the blockage and freeing the stream of thoughts.

The writer’s block has a few remnants remaining, but I am sure with time those small blockages will move down the stream. I will remember where the reset button is on my mind should I ever freeze up with writer’s block in the future.



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