National Son and Daughter Day

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An unofficial day celebrated in the United States. The National Son and Daughter Day was first recorded in 1936, in Missouri. J Henry Dusenberry came up with the idea after overhearing a young boy asking why there was days to celebrate moms and dads, but not children. Soon Missouri was celebrating National Son and Daughter Day.

In August 1944 the St. Joseph News-Press/Gazette printed an article about J Henry Dusenberry and National Son and Daughter Day. Several clubs and organizations promoted the celebration. In 1972, a Florida congressman presented a bill to congress to create a National Son and Daughter Day as an official holiday, but the bill was not voted on.

People continue to celebrate a day for children. Children are believed to be life’s greatest gift, and the future in many cultures. Some places of employment allow employees to bring their children to work as a celebration of the holiday.

For some parents, it is a day to separate from everything else, and spend time with their children, focusing on them only and creating memories. I think it is important to celebrate a day for sons and daughters. Today, both parents usually work, children are in daycare, school and after school programs, leaving very little time for just family. Having a day that celebrates children, helps parents keep in focus on what family is. Children are with us a short time, then they are adults living a life of their own.

As parents we should slow down, take the time to keep in touch with our children, young or grown. Let our children know they are loved, create or remember memories and events. To connect.



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