International Youth Day

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International Youth Day is an United Nations holiday to bring awareness of the needs and accomplishments of youth world wide. Initially the focus was on educational issues facing children and teenagers. Today, the focus is on all aspects of challenges and needs of youth.

I live in the United States where education is free for children and teenagers, and mandatory. In countries with high poverty, education is not readily available for children. The ability to read and calculate math is important in doing well.

Yet, there are some teenagers who do not finish public education in United States. Some I have spoken to say they are tired of learning, studying, and learning is hard. If the youth do not have parents that think education is important, the youth do not graduate from school.

In poverty countries, this is even harder. Culture is not built around education. The need of children to work, bring in an income to help the financial support of the family is more important than education. Yet, education would help the child to obtain a higher income. The daily needs of the moment are more important. How can a parent send a child to school, when the child needs to work in order to put food on the table that day?

Cultural differences hinder children obtaining an education. Some cultures do not see where girls need an education. They are to be wives and mothers, and a school education, reading and math are not needed.

The youth of today face different educational challenges. Most of education is with and based on technology. I was an adult with children before I used a computer. Their knowledge is limited to having a tool of technology in their hand. The youth of today is very comfortable in using the tools. Higher paying positions are dependent on knowing how to use the tools of technology. Greater is the struggle for youth who grow up in poverty to climb above the poverty they were born into.

For us in the United States, education is free and easily accessible, but for others education is a dream.


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