Happy S’mores Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

August 10 is Happy S’more Day, the sweet treat prepared over a fire. A camping tradition of ending the day with conversation and eating s’mores.

The recipe is simple, get a two gram crackers, put a piece or pieces of chocolate on one side, roast your marshmallow and sandwich between the gram crackers. Then eat the sweet sticky sandwich you created.

Conversation always turns to how to roast the marshmallows. There are those who place the marshmallow in the flames, let it burn, creating a black burnt sugar crust. Then there are the patience roasters, taking time to turn and slowly cook the marshmallow to a golden brown. And lastly there are the impatient ones who put the marshmallow over the fire and remove it saying the marshmallow is done.

When I was a child, on camping trips with my family, we would have marshmallow roasting competitions. The goal was to see who could get the largest roasted marshmallow. There are several tricks to creating a roasted marshmallow four to five times the original size.

The marshmallow must be roasted slowly and evenly. The stick can not be too thin or too fat. Then there is learning when to roast it and to remove it from the heat to cool, then putting the marshmallow over the heat again. To obtain the largest roasted marshmallow, the golden crust can not form too early, but needs to form to help hold the marshmallow on the stick. A fine art of timing to create the largest marshmallow.

Regardless on how you roast the marshmallow for eating or making s’mores, the goal is family time, and having fun.



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