National Book Lovers Day

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August 9 is National Book Lovers Day, a day for those who love reading books. I enjoy reading. The tablet is fine to read from, but I gain more joy holding the book, turning the pages, and the smell of a book.

I think my love of books started before I was five years old and started school. The first book I remember is “Eskimo Boy”, author forgotten. My dad read this book to me, the only book he read to me. Last Christmas, I gave this book to my oldest granddaughter as a gift, telling how my dad read it to me. The story is of a young Inuit boy on becoming a man. The boy goes on his first hunt with his father, only things go bad when a walrus attacks their boat and kills his father. Now, the young boy must become a man, and provide for his mother and siblings. The problem, he is afraid of the water. But the hunting is in the water and without the blubber from the sea mammals his family will freeze and starve. A very moving story.

I have a library of books I have collected over time. Mostly about horses, but some antique farm books on the types of livestock and how to treat different ailments. One of my treasures is a very antique copy of “Pilgrim’s Progress”. It used to be the book everyone learned to read from. Another old treasure is a pocket dictionary that belonged to my fourth grade teacher who I kept in contact with as an adult.

Books are more than education or history. Books can take us to faraway countries with different people and customs. Or they can take us to imaginary countries, peoples and adventures. And for the sentimental or romantics there is poetry.

Growing up, books took me away from the troubles of home. I could disappear in a book and forget the troubles of the day. I would read late at night until my eyes closed in a land faraway. Awaking in the morning, with the hope things would go well. In high school, books opened the door to knowledge, learning about science, animals and different ways of doing things. Most of my adult life I was reading books to gain knowledge in what I was doing. Today, I have relearned the pleasure of going to a different place, different people and customs.

I taught my children to love books and reading. Books teach vocabulary. Better vocabulary can lead to a better position in the workforce. So, myself and my children have all read the dictionary. Yes, the dictionary a fascinating book of words and definitions for things, animals, actions and descriptions. Old dictionaries are fun to explore vocabulary of a different time and the definitions and usages of the words.

My children are passing the love of books to their children. It is nice to discuss old classics such as “Pride and Prejudice” or “The Hobbit” as well as new releases. Things to enjoy and things to learn, within the pages of a book.



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