New Ambitions for 2023

While participating in Bloganuary 2023, I made time each day to write a post. I am proud that I wrote a blog based on the daily prompt everyday. I realized that I should do the same with the books I am writing. I need to set aside so much time to write the books I have started. Not edit at this time, just write. Editing comes after writing. So, for February and March I am going to be writing my books.

I want to continue to write my blogs as well. I may not be writing everyday. But I will be writing posts a few times a week. Spring time is coming and I need to start my gardening plants and spring centered projects so they are ready. I want to share this with those who follow my blog. So, I will be taking pictures and writing posts concerning gardening.

We are also getting our home ready to sell. There are a few projects that would be good blogs. Information that others may want to do with their home. I will show some before and after photos as well, to show the progress of some of my home makeover. Since I only have a few rooms left to update, it will not be a total home makeover.

Some big ambitions, but I think I can get them accomplished this year. I will not be sewing as much, or painting pictures. I will make sure I fit in some time to go fishing and a horse ride once a month.

Of course I will still be caring for my sheep. I have several that are due soon to lamb. Plus, one of my livestock guardian dogs is going to have puppies soon. I have the two show rams and two show ewes to get ready for an April show. I have high hopes for the show.



Why Do I Write?

A valid question to a person who writes. There are people who write for money, either a paid assignment and those who write to sell books. My reason for writing started for one reason and evolved into another reason.

I wrote in school, reports on school subjects in order to pass a class. I did not consider myself a creative writer. In college, it was the same, facts gathered and put on paper for a grade. In August of 2020, I started a blog, to share information on raising sheep. There was information on the internet and in books, but some was very general with no real answers. Others were from universities with a lot of scientific terms, hard for most people to understand. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience raising sheep with others. To share how I treated a sheep with this problem, or what I did to prevent a problem. Then I joined bloganuary and started a blog this blog. I enjoyed what I was writing about, I wanted to continue and share my words with others.

As I wrote blogs, and read others’ blogs, I realized I enjoy writing, and not just facts that I have gathered. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of several subjects with those who want to learn more. Some of my methods of doing things, such as gardening, was taught to me by my grandfather, and I want to share that information.

Now, I write for my grandchildren. My children and their families live in several states, and are far apart. I want my children to have the information I was taught. I want to pass the information and a piece of myself forward to my grandchildren.

Along this journey, I have found a way to express what is inside myself. I have learned people enjoy my events of being a sheep farmer and some of the “crazy” things I do. Bringing people joy, is fun. I live a different life than most, I enjoy different things than most. These are things I want to share with others to broaden their world.

Why do I write – for the joy of others.