Resolutions Progress

November 1 – the arrival of November and the realization that the year of 2022 is almost in the history of my life story. At the end of each year I look at my life, I make New Year Resolutions for somethings I want to change in my life. Looking back this year has been very busy, extremely exciting, and not many of my resolutions were completed.

In years past I would be a little down on myself for not having accomplished ALL of my resolutions by November. Yet, I still have two months left to get things changed.

One of my resolutions for 2022 was to keep the records and bookkeeping for the sheep farm and our personal life up to date, not get behind a couple of months or half the year then have to catch up in time to file taxes. This year, I have not kept them up every month the whole year, but I have improved. I had two months I was not even home. I did not do the records for each month the whole year, there has been improvement compared to past performance.

Another resolution was to raise more of our food. Yet again I did not reach my expectations, but there was a big improvement from past years. For the first time, my husband has agreed this is something we both need to work at doing. When I was gone for two months, he had to water the garden area. He is enjoying the fruits of his labor, as he eats his evening meal.

I have one resolution I made, that I have almost completed to expectations. This builds my self-esteem and I feel good about the accomplishment of this resolution.

We all want to make changes in our lives. Sometimes changes are forced upon us, such as inflation. I am always striving to lower our expenses and increase our savings. Some years I feel like I have not accomplished this goal. Yet, looking through past years, I have greatly improved over the years.

Making changes is hard. Keeping those changes sometimes is even harder. When we decide to change something, we have already done the hardest part – decided to change. We work towards our goals in steps, be grateful and celebrate the steps you have accomplished, and do not be too hard on yourself for the steps yet to be reached. Keep going, do not give up, that is the only way to reach the goal, accomplish the change in your life you have wanted.

I feel good about the accomplishments and improvements I have made this year.

Do not give up. Keep going. The goal is in sight.


Dreams and Goals

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My opinion is dreams and goals are interconnected. We have dreams of what we would like to do, places to visit, travel to other places, have a certain income or occupation, family, and others. We may have started dreaming about these types of subjects while we were small. We add to our dreams. As we get older we add more dreams and refine the ones we carry with us, and sometimes decide the dream is not what we want.

In order for dreams to be fulfilled, we have to make plans. If our dream is to travel to France we need a plan. First, we need to decide where we want to visit in France and how long our trip will be. Then we need to search what is the cost of this trip. Once we have a monetary figure we can examine our finances to see if we have what is required. Most people have to earn the money and save for the trip. They set a goal for saving. When they reach the required amount they have reached the goal, then can proceed with the plans.

They get a passport and travel papers if necessary, book an airline ticket, reserve housing arrangement, plan their day to day trip. The day before leaving on this fabulous trip, they pack and schedule a ride to the airport. Board the plane, land in France – Goal accomplished, and the Dream is being realized.

Dreams can be big or small. Dream of having a beautiful flower garden in the yard, redecorating a room in a home, remodel a bathroom. These dreams require a similar planning process and goals to bring the dream to realization and experience.

” When you stop dreaming your soul begins to dry up.”

I can not remember the person who said this to me, but I always thought it was important. When I was younger I did not give much thought to the quote as I was busy with dreaming and planning.

Now that I am in the golden years of my life, finances are tight, my body does not respond as when I was twenty, I realize the need to keep the quote in mind.

People who retire and do not keep busy, die earlier than those who are busy and still pursuing dreams and goals.

Keeping the mind busy, learning how to make a beautiful flower garden in the yard, one you dreamed of having, but did not have the time when working. The process of learning to do a new skill, keeps the mind from slowing down and being forgetful. Keeping the body moving helps the muscles to stay active and the bones strong.

Doing an activity, especially new learned activity help fight off depression. When Covid-19 hit, and everyone was put in lockdown, not able to socialize or do activities, depression soared and suicides increases dramatically. Mental health was a much a concern as someone being infected with Covid-19.

Not everyone lives in a home with a yard or a balcony. Some have to share a home with others. What is available for them to learn and do in a confined area. Sewing, I have two friends who are older and not able to get outside to do things in their yards, but they sew lap quilts for a nursing home. Perhaps a new hobby never tried, always wanted to learn to paint. There are plenty of painting tutorials on youtube.

Go back to school. During Covid a friend in her late twenties who worked as a waitress, was forced to go home, the restaurant closed. She was getting unemployment, did not have to pay daycare as the children were home. Used the stimulus money to go to college online, work towards a college degree and a better job. I still have the dream of finishing my college education to a bachelor’s degree. I currently do not have the time or money, I will not do student loans again as I finally got mine paid off last fall. But it is still a dream. Will I teach school with my bachelor’s, probably not, but I will have completed a goal and feel the accomplish, pride and satisfaction from having done so.

Keep dreaming. Keep setting goals.