Just Some Thoughts

Now that Bloganuary is over, I am going to have to create my own daily prompts or creative idea to compose an interesting bit of writing about. I was looking at what February celebrates. February is Black History Month.

One of my favorite speakers and preachers was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke with such elegance and of the future. There are several of his sermons recorded and his speeches. I have read and listened to several of them. The most notable that many people quote is his speech in front of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, “I Have A Dream”. This speech was given at the completion of a peace protest march in the capital, Washington, D.C. Throughout his sermons and speeches he spoke of change without violence.

Today, in the news was the memorial service for Tyre Nichols. Such sadness as this is not a hate crime of color, as was with George Floyd. When watching the video, I thought of the gang violence in the cities. Gangs fighting and killing others belonging to a different gang is what the video resembled to me, an outsider of their culture. The only difference from watching gangs try to destroy each other is the men attacking wore a badge. What was the reason for such brutality? Cities and the way the culture among those who live there is unknown to me.

Change, everyone says they want change. But as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated change by uniting with a common cause without violence I have not seen. For violence only begins more violence. Violence brings division among each other. Change will only come when each individual wants to unite in peace together.

I still dream of the day when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words will be true for all mankind.

R.I.P. Tyre Nichols.


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