Bloganuary 2023 Challenge

The final day of January 2023 and Bloganuary 2023. Last year I started blogging on this site during Bloganuary 2022. I had started late for Bloganuary 2022. I found there is more work in writing a post each day last January. I struggled with creating a post everyday based on the prompt given. I also learned during last year’s challenge, I have the ability to put words together for others’ enjoyment.

This year as part of my goals for my life was to be more consistent in writing, not only the blogs but also my books. I am happy to say I have so far maintained the goal. This year’s Bloganuary 2023 Challenge was a challenge due to I also started working outside my sheep farm in January. The job has been good in a personal growth opportunity for me. Something I felt ready to face and achieve at this time in my life.

Having a job plus the sheep farm plus house hold plus writing, required discipline in time management. I was able to get each day’s blog written and posted that day. Today, I even excelled that expectation as I was the first to post. The sheep are the priority of my life as far as work goes, and I have not missed in their care. My job has varied days and hours, mostly early morning hours, and I have been able to meet the requirements of my job and find joy in working. My household duties have always taken seat fiddle to the farm.

The addition of a job, the household duties are now sitting third fiddle. I was concerned with having a job and being able to keep the household to the standard I had kept it the past few years. I am pleased that I have been able to care for the sheep, work a job and maintain my house. When I first started working, my husband was still waiting on a job. It was easy to transition into having a job, the sheep and household. My husband would help with the sheep and cook the dinners. Now that he is working and leaving for work before I do, I have taken the full responsibility for the sheep and household. Having a transition time, helped me to organize my time to manage to do all that needs to be done in a day. I have also been writing every day.

I appreciate the work and thought that went into hosting the Bloganuary 2023 Challenge, thank you Mindy Potsoff. Thank you to those who have stopped to read my post and to follow my blog. I appreciate all the commits. The one thing I did not do well this year was read more of other’s posts. Last year I was able to spend the time to read a lot more posts by others during the challenge month. As time allows I will continue to read the posts of each daily prompt, do not be surprised if a comment or like is posted in May.

Thank you everyone for participating in this years writing challenge Bloganuary 2023



8 thoughts on “Bloganuary 2023 Challenge”

  1. It was indeed a lot of fun… I’m now taking my free time to sit and go through your blog…. By the way, a little Birdy told me that you’re in my Bloganuary recap so check it out when you get time to! I’ll be here…

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