Recording My Life

Bloganuary Daily Prompt #30: What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

I have started an autobiography. The first chapter of the story is fiction since I was not present and would not have any memories of the actual time period. The first chapter involves history and social pressures of the time. The title of this first chapter – “The Beginning”.

Second Chapter would be titled “A Baby and A Child”. This chapter would be about adoption in the time I was adopted. Most of the information would be from research and family stories of when I entered the family.

Somewhere there would be a chapter titled “Free Me from the Cocoon of Lies”. There would also be chapters on the joys of motherhood and being a grandparent. The last chapter would be something like “Living Life as an Antique”, since anything over 50 years old is considered antique.

I would write about the struggles but focus on the triumph. Everyone faces challenges through out their life. What defines their life is not the struggles but the triumphs, the joys, the simple fact they lived.

Each of person has a story. Each person has a unique book of their life.



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