Drip, Drop

The clouds form and gather in the cold air above, the condensation of molecules. Molecule joining to molecule, clinging to a particle. The clouds darken as the chemical reaction continues to amass molecules together. Eventually the clouds can not contain the compounds formed from the mass of molecules, and the clouds lose their hold. The tiny compound droplets fall to destinies unknown.

Some disperse due to the friction of the fall. Some join with other droplets and fall towards the earth. Mother earth greets them with joy, as they soak within her skin. Feeding those upon her with life saving strength. Once Mother Earth has all she can hold, gravity drives them downward across land to join with others. Traveling to destinies unknown.

Drops join to form a force. What once fed Mother Earth, not cuts furrows in her skin, only to find others to join them as they travel onward towards a destiny unknown. Great bodies of droplets gather, taking a rest from their journey. As more gather, some must leave and continue onward to destinies unknown. Finally, the ocean wide welcomes those, who survived this wholesome journey. The joy in waves and spray, to bask in warm sunshine. Only to be torn apart with motion and warmth to climb to heights once more, until they start to join.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Day 7 Prompt: write a short story or poem about rain.


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