Coming In For a Landing

This year began with my husband and I going somewhere, just not knowing where we were going. I raise sheep for a small income. My husband works to provide our main income. In November he was dismissed from is job. We were living on the modest income from the sheep and our savings.

I learned that applying for work has changed. Everything is done on the internet. There is no walking into a business, and filling out an application, even if they have a sign on the window saying they were hiring. I submitted applications for employment for myself and for my husband. My husband had a few interviews, but we would not receive news concerning any jobs until after the New Year. We felt like we were flying, but did not know where we were going to land, but we were going somewhere.

Since we were no longer restricted to staying where we currently live due to my husband’s employment. He was applying for jobs in other parts of the state, meaning we would be moving. We both really desired to move closer to my daughter and her family, to be closer to the grandchildren.

After the New Year, I received a call for an interview at the small grocery store where we live. At the interview I was hired. I have not worked outside of the farm for fourteen years. A day after my interview and hire, my husband received a call for an interview for a place of employment near where we live. He asked during the interview the possibility of transferring to the area where my daughter lives. A couple of days later, he received a call, after a short interview he was hired to work in the area where my daughter lives. We are both employed.

It is going to take time to get our place ready to sell, for us to find another place to move to near my daughter. I will be able to continue working and caring for the sheep while we do some minor repairs and repainting on the house to ready the house to sell. We are also dividing our property in order to sell for more money. The process of dividing property takes time. We have a plan for temporary housing for my husband if the need arises.

We are no longer just flying, but we have a destination, the destination of our heart. I have started the process of packing up what we do not use everyday. Getting rid of what we do not need. Our destination of finding a new home, and moving is now in sight.



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