A New Stove

When we moved into our home twelve years ago, it came with an electric cook stove. I am not fond of electric cook stoves, I prefer natural gas or propane cook stoves. I grew up with cooking on both. The reason I prefer natural gas or propane is when I turn the temperature down or off on a burner, the response is instant. Electric cook stoves still retain a lot of heat when the temperature is turned down or off.

Our home came with a used, not sure when it was purchased, electric cook stove. The cook stove served me well in preparations for meals both large and small. At Thanksgiving, it started to smell of burnt wires and was not cooking with even heat in the oven. Then the heating areas on one side stopped working. Time to retire the old electric cook stove.

We went to a few stores looking and pricing electric cook stoves. While I prefer natural gas or propane, our home does not have natural gas or propane service installed. And we are going to sell our home, and did not want to spend the money to have the service installed. To save money, we looked for an electric stove.

After going to four stores, we settled on a stove at Home Depot. Now it has been several years since we purchased an appliance from a box store. Talking with an associate in the appliance department, we lead the to the stove we wished to purchased “today”. We were disappointed, they do not sell the stoves from the store, you have to order the stove and they will deliver the stove to you. We checked two other box stores, and the same story, you order purchase and we deliver. Considering Christmas was fast approaching, deliver would be after Christmas. I needed a safe stove to cook meals on “now”, but would have to wait.

Wait I did. I managed to cook our meals, do some baking using techniques like turning the pan in the oven, so the cookies would bake evening as only one side of the oven worked. Not using too many pans on the stove top as I only had two heating areas. Finally the day arrived for delivery.

The truck arrived, two young men got out, opened the back door of the truck before we got to the gate. They did not want to pull farther into the driveway. Then these two young men lifted the stove down out of the truck and placed it on their four wheeled cart to bring it to the house. Once at the house, they were looking for which door to bring the stove through. The door to the mud room is narrow, but it has steps. My husband and I always use the sliding glass patio doorway as it is wide enough for appliances and most furniture.

The young men wanted to fit the stove through a doorway they could pull their wheeled cart through. They said they wanted to use the steps. I told them it would not fit through that door way, a 30 inch wide stove does not go through a 28 inch doorway. They started up the steps, and realized the stove would not fit. No doorway existed with steps to pull their four wheeled cart with stove through. They looked lost and unsure of what to do. Standing next to the patio door, I responded, “The two of you are not able to lift it up into the doorway and onto the floor. There is no step for this door, and the other you have already seen was too narrow. If you need us to help we can. We have moved every appliance into the house using that doorway, and the furniture.”

Reluctantly, they wheeled the stove up next to the sliding glass patio door, that was open the whole time. Lifted it and placed it inside. My husband was inside helping to keep it going in the right direction inside the house. Once it was in the house, my husband signed the papers and they left.

I had my new stove. Now to put the cord on and place it in its spot in the kitchen. Now to read the manual and learn how to set the time and other functions.

There are times I feel prejudice because I am a woman. These young men did not take what I was saying seriously about the doorway being too small. I know that doorway, I put a new door in that doorway when I remodeled the mudroom and adjoining 1/2 bathroom. I have faced the same prejudice from men when I go to the lumber yard wanting materials for a remodel project. It seems a woman with a tape measure can not know what she really needs for the job she is doing….lol.



2 thoughts on “A New Stove”

  1. Aah the joys of being a woman. I have learned to just sit back and have a good laugh when this happens. Well done for getting your Christmas lunch done despite the challenges on your old stove and congratulations on your beautiful new stove.

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    1. Thank you. It was a little bit of a challenge to do Thanksgiving and Christmas with an oven that 1/2 worked. Yeah, I work in a man’s world, and have most of my life. I just sit back and wait for young men to figure this old woman might know what she is saying…..lol.

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