Change after Christmas

For some the day after Christmas, means returning to work. For others there are still some people to meet and gifts to exchange. For me, my days usually do not change much: chores, housework and writing take up most of my time. But changes near the end of this year has put different tasks into my day starting now that Christmas is over.

Now that Christmas has been celebrated, it is time to pack up the decorations, then start packing up the house. Preparations for selling our home is to begin. This year while decorating for Christmas, there was a little bit of sadness, decorating this home for the last time. I have made decorations to go above the cabinets and other places to add Christmas color from ceiling to floor. What will my new home look like? What decorations will be used and where will I use them? These were the questions that went through my mind as I decorated my home this year. Now, the decorations will return to the boxes, and be stored until we make the move.

We will start packing away items we do not use daily, and a lot of the home decor. Family pictures will be placed carefully in a labeled box. Dishes will be sorted, some will be sold or donated, others will be packed, leaving only the necessary items for food preparation and eating in the drawers and cabinets.

I have informed family members, both my children and his children, we will be moving and getting rid of items we do not use. Some items should be handed down to the next generation, but my husband’s children have stated they do not want them. I am torn on what to do with these heirlooms, they are not junk but fine crystal dinnerware. Perhaps I will store them until a time arrives for them to be given to a family member. The other option is to sell them, add some cash to our pocket and lighten our load. I will have to think on some decisions for awhile, but if I am in doubt on if I should get rid of an item, I will carefully pack it and store it until a decision can be made.

The thought of moving is overpowering. We have moved three times since our marriage, storing some items in Colorado and others in storage units here. When we arrived at our current home, we were able to move everything to one location. This past year, I have been going through things, tidying up and getting rid of items I did not use. But I have not touched the barn or storage sheds.

Besides the household and tools, there is the farm equipment, trailers and livestock to move. I am going to have to come up with a plan on moving fencing panels, then the livestock, yet keeping enough panels here to pen up the livestock before we move them to their new home.

As I pack up a room, I will paint and get that room ready for the house to sell. Some rooms we need to finish the work we started before we list the home for sell. Others just need a new coat of paint.

I look at my home and see all the work I have done in twelve years. I have made flower beds and pens and shelters. Build storage sheds, working sheds and repairs to the barn. Many hours of work and sweat to make my home what it is today. I know every inch of each acre, some places hold special memories. The burial place of a mare I owned since she was a year old, and died at twenty. The burial place of my last broodmare, who we had to put down due to a broken shoulder that would not heal. A faithful dog, who my daughter and I had when it was just us two. The places where foals were born and played, now lambs. Memories of our years, that can not be moved and taken with us.

Change can be very exciting, and a little frightening, with sadness for leaving what was behind. Change it will have to be, as we can not stay where we are. The area is getting crowded with smaller lots and more houses. In order to grow our sheep flock to the size that can support us, we will need more acres, more space.

Yes, we will have to make a change, begin in a new place, make new memories as we build a new life in a new home.



One thought on “Change after Christmas”

  1. Good luck on the move! I remember one time reading that you wanted to move closer to your daughter. If that’s still the case, then that’s a plus right there. Moving is always scary but a new start is most times a good thing!

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