Spot Update

All babies grow up. Spot is no different. The cute little baby goat I purchased right after Thanksgiving is growing. He should grow being fed a bottle every six hours. He slept in a large dog crate with pine shaving that were changed daily. When he was not in his crate bed, he roamed the house or played outside. When the weather was warm, we placed him in his own fenced playground away from danger to play and enjoy the fresh air.

Two weeks back, Spot became too big for his large dog crate. We had to move him to his private suite in the barn. We made a warm bed under a heat lamp, he had hay and fresh water provided if he chose to eat or drink. His neighbors are my other two goats. I would go out every six hours to feed him the bottle. I or my husband let him out of his stall in the barn to roam with us when we do chores or just work around the place. He loves to follow us everywhere. And there are times he is allowed in the house for short times.

This week, Spot has been seen eating his hay. He has made the choice to not drink all his milk from the bottle, walking away because he is full. His bottle feedings have been moved to four times a day. We still let Spot out to run and romp during the chores and other times of the day. He is still allowed the occasional visit in the house.

My “dog” Spot in the house.

In another month, Spot will not be given a bottle as he will be old enough to wean from a bottle. He will be allowed to romp and play outside his stall. We might move him in with the other two goats, depends on how big he is in a month’s time.

Why do I have goats? For the grandkids to play with. The other two goats are nannies, Precious and Baby, and very friendly. Follow us anywhere and try to help us with our projects. Spot is a billy. So maybe next fall we might have newborn baby goats born.



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