Last Sheep Auction in 2022

Twice a month the local sheep and goat auction holds a sale. There is a variety of sheep and goats, young and old, brought into the sale pen and sold to the highest bidder. It is at this auction, two weeks ago, I purchased my new “dog” Spot, a bottle baby goat.

I enjoy attending this sheep and goat auction. I have friends at this auction, that the only time we see and talk with each other is at the auction. Some of these friends have helped me in learning how to make money raising sheep. We talk about family, projects, our animals and our breeding plans among other things.

Today, I brought my new “dog” Spot to the auction. Spot wore a dog harness and was kept on a leash. Now, regardless of where you are, upon seeing a baby goat walking along with a person holding the leash, you would notice. Even at the auction, Spot was noticed.

The main reason I brought Spot today, is he is a bottle baby who is young and only eats from a bottle. While I was at the auction, he would need to be fed. The only way to feed him was to bring him to the auction with me.

Those who work at the auction and those who attend regularly know that my animals are not treated like other sheep and goats. A few were present when a couple of years back I brought a ram to the sale. Unloaded him from the trailer into a pen. Then went into the pen, and without any restraint, proceeded to pick up each foot and trimmed it, so he would look his best at the sale the following day. Most people cannot even get close to their animals, much less pick up a foot with nothing restraining the animal. And the ram, went for top dollar at the sale the next day. Although the auctioneer was called a liar by two people present when he told them of me trimming the feet the evening before. Thank goodness for witnesses who stood up to verify his words as the truth. And my reputation was made as the person who works with her animals and does not always treat them like a sheep or goat.

So today, bringing a baby goat to the auction as if it were a dog was strange but not a big surprise considering I was holding the leash. Now for those who do not know me that attended today’s auction, it was a surprise and opened the opportunity to meet new people. Children were especially drawn to the baby goat. The children would walk up with their parents, and ask if they could pet the goat. I would reply, “Yes, you can pet Spot. He loves to be petted”. Children get bored fast at an auction. They do not understand the auctioneer, and it is hard to watch animals go through a sale ring and not be able to touch them. Spot enjoyed the constant attention and petting by little hands. The children and parents enjoyed the distraction.

Spot loves attention. Spot loves to sit in my lap and be petted. Today at the auction he received plenty of petting and sat in my lap most of the day.

Today, was the last opportunity to catch up with friends, learn what they were doing for Christmas celebration and to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

I attend the sheep and goat auction regularly to keep up with the trend in the market lamb and breeding sheep prices. But today was more than just watching the market trends. It is getting close to Christmas, and I needed some money. I selected three ewes to sell at the auction today. These are not cull ewes, but ewes that would or were producing market lambs. These ewes had traits that I do not want to carry forward in my breeding program and were scheduled to be sold in the future. Because of the reputation I have built concerning my sheep, my ewes sold for $50.00 to $100.00 USD above the price of other ewes in the same condition. When my ewes entered the sale pen and were offered for bid, the bidding was fast and furious at the beginning. I was very pleased with the price my ewes brought today.

Finally, after a long day of sitting, talking with friends and holding Spot, I was ready to go home. I picked up my check, thanked those working the auction and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.



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