It Takes Work to be Positive

Walking the pathway of life we have good times and not so good times. We face stress from work, the economy, home and from other areas, some we are not aware of. There are times the place we are at in life just wears us down, the walk is hard, the struggle is hard and long. We are weary. How do we stay positive and focused on moving forward?

It is not easy to stay positive. Sometimes it is just work to keep from crawling in a dark corner to just disappear from everything. The situations we crawled away from will still be there when we come out of the corner. We will have to deal with the situation and find the solution. From experience, I have learned dealing with the situation sooner rather than later is alway best.

How do we keep moving forward looking for the solution without being overcome with depression and weariness? I pray to the Creator. The One who created me, knows my every need and will take care of me. I pray for guidance to make the right choice, look in the right direction and turn away from what is wrong for my life.

There are times I have clung to the fray of His garment, in order to get the strength to keep going, hoping and believing I will see the miracle presented to me for me.

Prayer in the quiet of the morning, before the day gets busy with chores and activities that need to be done. Most times the sun is not up when I sit, quiet, praying to the Creator.

Second, I remember those miracles that I have experienced. I look back to seen when I was in great need and the Creator provided those needs for me. Those times I found the open door or window to go through and find the solution to the situation. I remember the quiet times, when a whisper was given with an idea of where to go or where to look for those open doors or windows. I remember all the times when things were tough, and the miracle came, I was taken care of. I remember that I have never been without food, or clothing or some type of roof over my head. I remember the blessings and I give thanks.

Third, I give thanks for the answer that is coming. I know the Creator hears my prayers, sees my tears, knows my fears. The Creator knows all that I need, and the solution, the answer is being given before I prayed. I thank the Creator for the day I am alive, for being there for me, for creating me.

I pray that my mind will stay focused on the Creator, on the chores of the day, and not to think of tomorrow.

When things get really tough, when I want to crawl away and cry, I remind myself – God is in control.



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