Facing the Unknown

I am a person who likes to have everything planned out, not just for a day but for a year and further. I want to know where I am going and what I am doing. Since my husband’s dismissal from work, our plans for the future have disappeared, or at least the clarity of the vision. Things are changing and we do not know what all the change is. Currently I am functioning with unknown plans. Flying blind as some would say. There are more questions than answers. The struggle is being prepared for the unknown change that is coming.

Attitude determines altitude, I have always believed. Not knowing what the next month or year is going to be like, sends my mind on a thinking rollercoaster. We are looking at this unknow change like an adventure. We know certain facts will not change, such as we are going to have to sell our home and move. We can work on preparing for the sale and move.

Depending on where this flight is taking my husband and I, we do know the destination, we have started decluttering our processions in preparation for a move and change. There are three classifications for items we are not using or have not used in a year – give away, sell or throw away pile. Items with memories are being sent to my children, items they were going to receive when I no longer used them. Items that are useful, but unsure if we are going to need them such as extra beds are being sold. Then there is the throw away pile which is recyclable items and just plain trash.

How does a person decided what to sell and what to keep? Currently we are selling or giving away those items we do not use daily.

Extra beds used for when family visits are being sold. We do not know how big of a house we are going to be able to purchase, so we are getting rid of furniture we only use for family visits. We figure we can buy or build beds if we need to.

Then there are the sheep. I raise sheep for a small income. What am I to do with the sheep? and the horses? One factor in making a small income with the sheep is where we live has grass for feed most of the year. Locations he has been applying for work, has very little grass for feed. Will I need to sell them all or just some?

There are more questions than answers. When couples face unknown times, they can blame one another for the situation they are in. Determining the pathway or decisions to be made can pull at a couple, cause wounds and walls to form and perhaps destroying the relationship. Or they can pull together seeing the unknown as a time for growth and strength building as individuals, as a couple and their relationship. The answers will appear in time after prayer, decisions and moving forward. The shape of our relationship takes will be determined by us. We are on an this adventure together.

Life is an unknown adventure for everyone. We do not know what tomorrow brings. We can plan for tomorrow, but until tomorrow becomes today, tomorrow in itself is unknown.



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