Voting – Right or Duty

Yesterday was Election Day in the United States, the last day to cast your vote for people wanting to represent their community, state or country in a governing position. The United States is a Democratic Republic, in short the people are represented in government by those the majority vote to hold that position.

It has always been a common phrase of mine, “If you do not vote, you do not have the right to complain.” I really dislike hearing people complain about a person who was voted into the office, yet they did not cast their vote for who they wanted in office.

Yesterday while I was waiting to cast my vote, a younger person was in line ahead of me. When the person went to get their ballot number, it was announced they were a “First time voter!” and every cheered and clapped. I joined in congratulating the person for taking the time and effort to do a very important part in maintaining a democratic government – voting.

I feel that a citizen living in any democratic country, should vote in that country’s elections. If a democratic government which is designed to govern my the majority is to be kept, voting is a necessary part of the governing process. How are the people of the country going to be represented if they do not vote.

In the United States, I have the right to own a gun, yet I do not own a gun. I do not exercise this right of owning a gun. I have the right to vote, a right I exercise at every election.

Yet, if I want to keep my country democratic – as a citizen, it is my duty to vote so the whole of the population is represented in government not just those who choose to vote. Voting is something that I must do in order to maintain the democratic government of the country I was born in and choose to live in.

The founding fathers of the United States wanted representation for all the citizens through the process of democrating voting to elect representatives for the area they live in. Democracy in short definition is government by the majority not the few. If the whole population of the citizens does not vote, how can the citizens of the country be represented in the government?

Voting is the voice of the citizen in a democratic government.

It is not my concern of who you vote for as long as who you vote for is your choice, your voice. I feel every citizen should vote, exercise the right as it is your duty.



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