Thankful for My Garden Spot

This year for the month of November, I am selecting one thing to be thankful for each day. Today, I am thankful for my small garden spot, my happy spot. This year there were some surprises.

One surprise was the “red cabbage” that was actually red brussel sprouts. The few tiny brussel sprouts I did harvest were put into a stew for us to enjoy. Although I did not get much of a harvest from the red brussel sprout plants, I did enjoy their beautiful grey green foliage with purple veins, and tall upright growth. I received joy from the beauty of the plant itself.

There was an abundance of sweet basil, planted from seeds produced from last year’s plant. The seeds, unknown to me they were there, sprouted and grew throughout my garden area, adding a sweet aroma when I worked in my garden.

For the first time I planted butternut squash. I only planted one hill of three seeds, of which one plant emerged from the soil. This wandering plant produced over two dozen squash. I explored various recipes for preparing and cooking butternut squash. My husband and I have enjoyed this new addition to our menu plans. I have plenty preserved in the freezer to last until next year.

This year I experimented with a different style of planting corn. The corn grew well, adding height to my garden vegetation. There were multiple cobs on the stalks during the time of pollination. Unfortunately a gate was left open allowing a horse to enter my yard and garden spot. The horse enjoyed the tops of the corn stalks, eating the sweet source of pollination. I harvested several corn cobs, without any corn kernels. Overall this experimental planting style would work in my garden spot, just have to keep the horse out during pollination time. I did cut the stalks to give my sheep a sweet treat.

The summer squash and yellow squash I plant every year did well. I received plenty of squash for our summer meals and to preserve for winter meals. Like the butternut squash, I only planted one hill of each type of squash due to not have more room for planting.

The radishes and bell pepper continued to produce all summer adding bits of flavor to the dishes I prepared. The tomatoes did not do very well. Since I raised the tomatoes in containers, I think the soil was tired. I will be emptying all my containers this winter, and refilling them with new soil next year.

This fall I have planted onions in the small garden and will be experimenting with my first planting of sweet potatoes. This will be my first year having a fall garden, not just a plant or two.

Overall, my small garden provided well for us. I enjoy the birds and butterflies I who come to visit. The multiple colors of blooms and foliage that pleases my eyes. I am thankful for my small happy spot of a garden.



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