Butternut Squash

This spring I planted one butternut squash. The plant grew, had long vines and produced fruit. The vines took in an area of approximately 15 feet by 15 feet. Along the vines, about two feet apart were squashes. From this one plant we harvested 22 butternut squashes.

This is the first year I have planted butternut squash. The plant was easy to grow, although it grew to more space than the seed packets stated was needed for the plant. The plant required moderate watering, the same as other squashes I have grown.

Butternut squash is ripe and ready to pick when it turns a buff orange color. The fruit is hard and does not fully ripen until late August into October. I have plenty Butternut squash. One Butternut squash is two meals for my husband and I.

In order to make the most of my harvest I have been cooking and baking with the squash. I also have been freezing it. Some I cut into 1 inch cubes and place 2 cups per freezing bag. There are some freezing bags I have placed 2 cups of shredded butternut squash to use for baking recipes and making butternut fritters.

Since my family did not grow Butternut squash, and this my first year, I had to do searches for recipes on how to prepare and cook the squash. One place I go to look for recipes is allrecipes.com . I have found recipes for preparing any type of meal or side dish and desserts. I found a really good butternut recipe for butternut squash fritters . These fritters are delicious and very easy to prepare for my family.

While doing my search for recipes I discovered another website for recipes – https://www.skinnytaste.com . This site has abundance of recipes. I will be going back to this website in the future. I used one of the recipes for making squash fries and another for making a dish for breakfast. I was delighted with both.

Learning to grow something new, and then cooking something new. The butternut squash was a great experience. The accidently planted brussel sprouts, I enjoyed the plant and its foliage. But I am going to have to study on how to grow this awesome looking plant to receive a harvest.



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