Hello “Old Friend”

This chilly morning as I drank my coffee and observed my little “happy spot” from my window, I seen an “old friend”, The Flicker. I have named this bird The Flicker, but the bird is a Yellow Bellied Sappsucker. I keep the name “The Flicker” as I identify this individual bird each fall. The only time of year I see The Flicker is in the fall and winter seasons. The Flicker hopes from tree to tree eating the bugs. The Flicker is a solitary bird, I only see one. I do not know where The Flicker goes to spend the spring and summer, raise a family. When the temperatures drop, the sun position moves in the sky, The Flicker returns to spend time with me.

The birds change with the seasons. The hummingbirds are gone, along with the other spring and summer birds. The Flicker has arrived and soon the blue jays and small winter birds. The leaves on a few of my trees are turning yellow and brown and will soon fall to the ground. The two live oak trees in the front yard never change in color, they keep their leaves from spring until next spring. The shed their leaves when they bloom and new leaves start growing in the spring. Acorns are what the live oak trees shed in the fall, and my yard is being dotted.

Seasons change, time to start new things and remember the joys of the past season. Memories are made each season, a treasure more precious than gold. The seasons change as time marches on.

Our lives go through seasons as well. I am no longer a youthful lady looking to the future trying to decide how I will spend my life. I have seen many seasons. The season of being a mother with children underfoot is gone, in its place is photos, memories and funny stories my children and I share. Yet, I was able to reclaim the season when I helped my daughter care for my grandsons. A short time of remembering feedings and diaper changes and the wonder of looking at a newborn. Yet, this season of welcoming a new grandchild is coming to an end.

Although some seasons end, new seasons are approaching. In the future there will be the season of graduations, weddings of grandchildren and welcoming great-grandchildren into the family. There are seasons and memories to be made that I am unaware of, some will bring sadness, other will bring joy, each season in its’ own time and purpose. Like fall will give way to winter, and winter will bring the spring and new growth, life seasons help us to rest, get rid of the old dead things in our lives in preparation for new growth and joy of life.



One thought on “Hello “Old Friend””

  1. Isn’t it amazing, we go through these seasons at different ages and when we have children those seasons start all over again. The 2nd time around we are mostly observers but that is the cycle of life. Even more amazing is that other animals go through their cycles too.

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