Red Cabbage of 2022

This year I purchased seedling plants from a nursery for my little garden spot. One type of plant I wanted to purchase was cabbage plants, and I am fond of red cabbage. Red cabbage does not taste any different, but the plant has purple leaves. Adding a little bit of different color to the garden. I purchased four “red cabbage” plants.

At home I started transplanting the seedlings and noticed a stake stating what type of plant was in the little planter. While I had picked up the plants in the area marked cabbage plants, the identify stake said red brussel sprouts. I had purchased four red brussel sprout seedlings. Now my husband has a joke on me, my “red cabbage”.

We love to eat brussel sprouts, but I have never grown brussel sprouts. Other than photographs on the internet and in a book, I have not seen a brussel sprout plant. This year would be a learning year for my “red cabbage” aka red brussel sprouts.

Well, the foliage and the plant are beautiful. A definite plant for adding to the garden in 2023. I learned brussel sprouts need full sun. I planted them where they get a lot of shade, since I thought I was planting cabbage. Brussel sprouts are large, tall plants – the area I planted them in I did not give them enough room to grow. The two placed in pots, they are struggling to survive. I had successfully grown cabbage in those pots, but brussel sprouts needed more room for roots. The brussel sprouts I harvested were very small. They taste good. But without the proper growing environment, the fruit was stunted.

Next year, I will use my knowledge gained, purchase more red brussel sprouts and work at a better crop.

When we try new things or are placed in a new situation, things do not always turn out like we think they should. It does not mean we are not where we are supposed to be. There are lessons we need to learn. Success is from gaining knowledge and overcoming. Knowledge is acquired through learning. I learned about brussel sprouts. I enjoyed the plants in my garden, they gave me joy.



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