“Hump Day”

When I worked a Monday thru Friday, 8-5 job, everyone was happy for “hump day”. “Hump Day” was Wednesday, the work week is half over, it is downhill to the weekend and fun.

Today, I barely keep track of which day of the week it is. But I still recognize when a project is reaches the halfway mark of completion. I get excited that soon I will be able to use, display or give what I have been working on.

Recently it was refinishing and repairing an old dresser for my daughter to use in her nursery. The dresser was gaining new life and looking good. I was impatient in wanting to share my work with my daughter and her family.

This week is also week 30 of gestation for the triplets my daughter is pregnant with. We are almost there to delivery. I will not say I have not been nervous with my daughter having triplets as there are medical complications that can occur.

My son and his wife had twins, and due to twin to twin transfusion, they lost one of the twins a few hours after birth. This loss occurred 18 months before my daughter became pregnant. And there is still grieving of the loss of a child and grandchild.

When I learned my daughter was pregnant with triplets, this granny hit her knees with prayers. I was not too proud to ask for prayers. For with any pregnancy there needs to be prayer for mother and child. For a woman carrying triplets I figured there needs to be three times the amount of prayer.

One of the major risks of with triplets is premature labor. I am thankful to say, my daughter has had no contractions to date. Her and the babies are doing well, they are very active and growing. We are know that it is with God’s help that my daughter and the babies are doing well.

We are counting down the days to their delivery: 27 days until September 14.

The nursery is prepared. The things they need to bring home and take care of three little boys is in place. We are thankful for those who have helped this to happen.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, positive thoughts and energy. We have truly been blessed. Please continue.



One thought on ““Hump Day””

  1. Such lovely news for you. I read about the twins. My neighbour lost one twin around 4 years ago. I didn’t realise losing one was a thing. She really struggled with people not acknowledging the one she lost when they were congratulating her on her newborn. Wishing your family all the very best.

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