Privacy with Triplets

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My youngest daughter is pregnant with triplets. Being a young married woman with a child, it was not uncommon for her to be pregnant. When she learned she was pregnant with triplets, her life changed.

My daughter is very private, no facebook, no twitter, no photos of her or her family on the internet. She does not discuss family at work. Family members understand they do not post pictures of her or her family on any internet or social media.

When she was confirmed pregnant she had to inform her supervisors of the future need for maternity leave. When she learned she was carrying triplets, the need to inform more people at work arose. She would have to have medical accomodations in performing her duties. One accomodation was a golf cart to transportation to different buildings, as she was no longer to walk long distances. Her medical accomodations let others know she was pregnant with triplets.

I have posed the situation with her that having triplets will draw attention to her regardless if she wants the attention or not. People notice twins, triplets are more rare, and will definately be noticed. Trips to the store or doctor’s office for checkups, will draw attention. When the triplets start school, they will draw attention.

How does a person maintain anonymity with triplets?

First, no announcements or photos from the hospital when they are born. They have signed documents with the hospital informing the hospital not to photograph, video or print any information concerning their children.

While there are organizations that could assist them with the additional expenses of having triplets, those organizations would want photos for advertisement and recognition of assisting them. They are not receiving any outside help other than family.

At work, everyone wants to see the triplets after they are born. My daughter keeps work at work and home life private. The decision to not take the triplets to work was made well before they were conceived, when she decided to not take her other child to work. She is aware that her coworkers are going to want to see the babies, and she has thought of ways to diplomatically tell them no.

As the children grow there will be more decisions made to keep them safe and not in the public eye.

Be honest, we do not live in a safe world for children.

The days of riding a bike around the neighborhood and being home before the sunsets are gone. As a child there were hours my parents did not know my actual location. Today, it is not safe to let children roam without a parent in eyesight.

My children has observed the mother hen keeping her chicks close, then with one crackle the chicks scurry under her protective wings, totally hidden from the intruder or danger nearby. They are as the hen in how they teach their children to be while away from home.

Children are precious gems in our lives. It is a shame we can not share their beauty with others without the possibility of danger. We have to keep our children and grandchildren close and sometimes hidden in order to protect them.



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