Wind, Lighting, Rain

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I have always watched the weather around me. Not the weatherman or the weather app on a cell phone. The daily weather as it occurs around me. Where I live most of the days have sunshine and wind.

I do not like wind really, it blows my hair into my face causing an obstruction to my view of what I am working on at the time. The wind blows dirt and dust through the house. I have given up on dusting. What is the point, the dust will be there in the morning. But the science on the creation of wind is very fascinating. The release and capture of energy creating a force so powerful to take down a house, and carve monuments from solid stone. Wind is energy, but very unpredictable.

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I love lighting storms. Electricity streaking through a clouded sky at random and without control. Lightening comes is some awesome colors. I was in St. Louis, Missouri on a visit. A storm moved in one night, and for the first time I saw colored lighting. The display of colored lighting was exhilarated me to behold. The lighting would start out a neon blue and change colors, bright green to yellow. There was neon pink, orange, fluorescent green and bright purple. Much better than any man made fireworks I had witnessed. I had to leave this beautifully awesome natural fireworks show for the basement of the place we were staying. The phenomenal lighting show I was experiencing is around tornados. At night you can watch a tornado, by watching the path of the colored lightening.

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The rain on the roof top is a lullaby, I relax and want to sleep when the rain is falling. Rain is life, as rain brings the water every living thing requires. I welcome the rain. Rain washes off the dust and dirt revealing colors more vibrant when the sun shines after a rain cloud goes by. Rain washes and renews what is around us. I love to watch and listen to the rain. One day while fishing on a nice sunny day, a single rain cloud came over. There was no wind, the lake was still like a mirror, when the large droplets of water began to fall. Not a thick number of droplets, but evenly timed large droplets hitting the lake and making circular designs. I sat and watched this natural wonder show of beauty. The cloud moved on, the shadow disappeared, and I was soaked. I eventually dried in the warm sunshine, the memory of the droplets on the lake is with me always.

Weather can show us awesome and beautiful scenes of nature, better created than what man could ever accomplish. When wind, lighting and rain are combined in Texas, it usually means tornado. March thru June is tornado season in Texas.

Tornado photo taken by Brian Osborn south of Decatur, TX on 3/21/2022

Tornados have been labeled ” the hand of God”. The visit to St. Louis and seeing the colored lighting, that was a major tornado at night. I went inside when I heard the “train engine” roar. A tornado is very noisy. Tornados the work of naturally created energy creating force so strong to wipe out sections of homes and buildings, and yet leave somethings in middle of the chaos untouched.

My husband went to Cheyenne, Wyoming to check on family after a tornado hit there many years ago. A house located a few houses from where his mother lived had drawn a lot of attention. The house looked fine. But looking through a window, there was a large tree trunk occupying the whole house. The tree trunk was larger than a foot in diameter, every wall inside the home was no longer there, being destroyed by the tree trunk. The only indication on the outside of the hone that something strange had occurred at this resident was the window curtains protruding from the walls under the roof. The tornado had picked the roof up whole, place a tree trunk inside, spinning the tree trunk to destroy the inside walls of the home, then placing the roof back on the house in the same position as before, only forgetting to tuck the window drapes back inside. There was not broken windows, the doors were in place. Some professors from the nearby university did data collection on this particular house. “The hand of God” had definitely touched this home and boggled the minds of educated men.

Yesterday, two tornados hit within thirty miles of my home. One took off half the roof of a large high school, took roofs off of the homes across the street, with the exception of one roof. This home surrounded by homes turned to rumble with twisted trees and debris, was left untouched. Another home had the roof removed, but all the contents still neatly in place. Looking from the sky I was reminded of the models I created in home economics class of placing carpet and furniture in a home created from cardboard. The pathway of debris for this tornado was two miles wide. Another location near us, a mobile home was picked up and placed across the road. Like some giant playing with toys, and decided to move the mobile home to block the road.

As of midnight last night, there were no deaths associated with the two tornados, some injuries and some hospitalizations. But they were still locating and rescuing some who were still entrapped in their destroyed home.

Man tries to control so much around them, yet the most powerful forces on earth are beyond their reach and comprehension.



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