Star of Wanderers

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Once a year my family would go on vacation for one week. Every year we would go camping and fishing. I have always loved looking at the stars, observing their brilliance in awesome wonder. Going camping meant time by the campfire looking at the stars, wandering trails, listening to birds and animals, watching butterflies and fish in the streams.

One night my dad sat down with me and started teaching me the stars and constellations. The first star he showed me was the North Star, and that sailors and pioneers used this star as a guide. The North Star does not move like the rest of the constellations. If you know where the North Star is he said you can always find your way home at night. He also taught me how to find my way in the woods and mountains at night.

My dad had me look up and then told me “The stars were the only thing bigger than you. You can climb the mountains, cross any river, be what you want to be, just do not be afraid to try.” Ever since, when I am confused on what path to take, or feeling overwhelmed, I go outside and look upward remember my dad’s words.

With reading and posting on bloganuary 2022, I saw where a part of ourselves wander within the written words, and those word wander through the reader.

This is the final post for bloganuary 2022. I am new to blogging. I keep a journal, wrote essays and thesis’ in college, but only started blogging. While reading others’ blogs in response to the daily prompts, I have learned a few things concerning writing. I have enjoyed the challenge, although it is time consuming on some days. I think I have found my “North Star” to keep me on the path with writing.

I thank everyone for taking the time to read my posts. Thank you to those who “liked” and left comments. I hope the best for you as you continue your life journey.



4 thoughts on “Star of Wanderers”

    1. Yes has been interesting to see different peoples takes. I have learnt that shorter is better. Trying to give myself a wordcount moving forward. As you say. Reading others posts is time consuming.

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