A Tree with a Purpose

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com

There are various types of trees each with their own strengths and weakness.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

I have enjoyed willow trees as a child I played under them at my grandparents’ home. In the heat of summer they provided shade, coolness as you were embraced by their limbs and leaves. The willow is flexible but not very strong.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Cherry trees have always been a favorite of mine. Their joyful, bright blossoms in the spring, marking the change of season. The juicy sweet fruit of summer. I have two cherry trees planted in my yard. It takes two cherry trees for there to be fruit.

Photo by Serge Baeyens on Pexels.com

The mighty oak tree strong and grand. The timber from these trees is used for furniture and other house hold items because of its strength and bueaty.

Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

Tall pines reaching straight for the sky. The sweet aroma stimulates and relaxes. The wind whispers a lullaby using their small leaves on every branch. I have spent many a day and night in the presence of their beauty.

These trees are beautiful, yet, in their beauty and splendor are not me. I have been alone, fought to survive and flourish. No protection from the storms of life, I am crooked and gnarled, my bark shows many scars. My roots grow both deep and wide, seeking water and nutrients to keep my alive. I have overcome my adversity, thrived and blessed. I am not so different from others as all have faced storms, overcame and thrive.



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