Dreams, Dreams and Dreams

The prompt for bloganuary, January 24 is “Write about a dream you remember”. In pondering what to write, I divided my dreams into three categories.

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The first thought when I hear the word dream is the nightly thoughts I have as I sleep. Until two years ago, I did not want to lay down to sleep. I dreaded sleep. For almost twenty years, my dreams were haunting nightmares. I do not want to remember.

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

Day dreams, pleasant thoughts of what we would like to happen. Daydreaming of someone I was attracted to asking me to a dance. Or training a horse to a level in competition and winning. Day dreams for the most part are fantasies, something we would like to happen.

Finally, dreams with a passion. Strong desires I wanted for my life directions. When I was in high school I dreamed of being a veterinarian. I loved animals and still do. I wanted to help animals be healthy and well. I went through high school studying diligently, had high marks. I was set to go to the college and university, then I made a choice. That choice changed my pathway and I never did go to college or university to become a veterinarian. But, I have realized my dream as I care for my animals everyday, first as a horse trainer and breeding facility and today as a sheep farmer.

There are two families I do business with as a sheep farmer. These two families have the same number of children, are about the same age.

The first, this family day dreams of having a better life, being able to buy a car. We have discussed what their goals are for raising sheep. When talking with them their conversation is about everything that has gone wrong and it is someone else’s fault. Their conversation is very negative, they do not dream, set a goal and work towards the goal. They blame their mistakes or lack of change on someone else. They have family near where they live, but I think they get negative support. This family has the ability for change, if they changed to being positive in their thoughts and actions. Bad things happen to everyone, but how we think determines if we move forward or sink a little deeper in the mud.

The second family, the parents dream of a different life for their children. They have obstacles in the way of reaching their dreams, as they are not from this country. They work hard, dream hard and have hope. When I speak with this family, the first is to tell me their successes, and sometimes of their problems in order to find a possible solution.

Dreams are a powerful tool in setting goals for our lives and reaching goals. How we view our life and dreams has a big effect on the choices we make and if we succeed. We can have dreams and goals, but if we view our life through negative glasses, only seeing the bad and not learning from our mistakes, we can not climb the mountain to reach our goal. Looking through positive glasses, helps us to find the solutions when things do not go as planned, to not be afraid to alter our plans to reach our goals, and to learn from our mistakes.

Photo by Andrei Tanase on Pexels.com

Do not stop dreaming. I may not have reached the dreams of my youth, but I have dreams and some are big dreams. My husband tells me, I am a person when things do not go as planned or our life makes a big shift we were not expecting, I look for a way to climb back up the mountain. I do not give up.

Keep dreaming, keep climbing.



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