Time Trap

Windmill in Maxwell, NM photo taken August 2009

I love taking pictures. I have hundreds of photos, mostly grandchildren, but very few I would call great. This old windmill is one of my great photos. My husband and I were on a drive, so its exact location I do not know, as we were not real sure where we were at the time. I asked him to stop, so I could take the photo. The old windmill is not in use for watering livestock or for the remnants of a home that stood near by. I do not know the name of the tree and I have not seen it during the time I lived and traveled in New Mexico.

A flower, name unknown, in our pasture the first spring we lived in Texas. 2010

I was walking in the pasture at the new home we purchased upon moving to Texas. I saw this heart shaped beauty. I looked this “weed” up and the flowers are supposed to be circular. I have not seen a heart shaped flower since.

The unique characteristic of photography is it captures what goes through the lens, freezing the moment of time. Does time stand still, only in a photograph.


7 thoughts on “Time Trap”

    1. The windmill did function to fill a water tank for the home, and water trough. At the time of the photo, the home was ruins, and there was no water trough for cattle. It sits a mile from any structure, so not decorative. The windmill is just forgotten.

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