Granny’s Lullaby

Their eyes are locked in love’s eternal gaze,
As they gently sway to the words of phrase.
Her voice is scratchy due to age,
The meaning is an eternal truth.

Simple words, simple tune
Locked in time past now brought to the present.
Many years have past since she sang the tune,
As she gently swayed her little ones to sleep.

Once again, the memories flow of time past,
And of the love that lasts.
The love of mother to child sealed,
with the love of Jesus within a tune.

Now a new little one hears the words of love,
Sung from her heart like in ages past.
The words roll forth and then repeat;

Beautiful, Beautiful.
Jesus is beautiful.
Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.
Carefully touching me
Causing my eyes to see.
Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.

The gently sway of motion in time with words sung,
The baby falls asleep listening to Granny’s lullaby.