Oops, I missed National Daughter Day

This past Monday, I got on facebook. I was catching up with family and friends and to post some sheep I am selling. I seen a lot of posts of mothers with their daughters acknowledging National Daughter Day.

I love my daughters. We talk a couple of times a week. I also talk with my daughter-in-laws once a week. Although we live hundreds of miles apart we stay in touch. I hear about how they are doing and how the grandchildren are doing.

Each time I talk to family and friends, I make sure I let them know I appreciate them, I am proud of them, they are important in my life, and mostly to let them know I love them.

I had a really good friend when I was a teenager, she was an adult I went to church with and was friends with her daughter. Mrs. AW said that when she died she did not want any flowers at her funeral. I asked why?

“I want to enjoy the flowers. I want to see the beautiful colors and arrangements. I want to smell the sweet fragrance. If you are going to send flowers to my funeral, give them to me now so I can enjoy them.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Those words always stuck in my mind. Everytime I see a funeral procession or hear of the death of a friend or family member, and when I attend a funeral, I remember her words, “give them to me now so I can enjoy them”.

Likewise, we do not know when our last day is. I have had some really close calls with death. I do not know if I will talk to those I love the next day, or be gone in a car crash or some other event. Time is precious.

In my opinion, there is no tomorrow to tell someone that you love them. Today, is the time to say “I love you” ,”I am proud of you”, or let them know they are important in your life.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery.

Today is a gift.

That’s why we call it “The Present.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


Let Us Celebrate Loved Ones

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have changed. There is not ever going back to “the normal” we used to know. Some of the routines of how we celebrated events and special days have evolved.

The constant staying at home was depressing, and I choose to fight back. Starting in 2020 after the lockdowns began, I started putting flower arrangements within the d├ęcor for each season and holiday. I use artificial flowers so they last from year to year, and I do not have to worry about the care. For Valentine’s Day, the flowers are red and white roses. This year I added red candles.

Traditionally for Valentine’s Day, my husband and I would exchange cards and go out to our favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. The once a year visit due to the prices on the menu. Last year, we did not celebrate Valentine’s Day as we were without electricity for four days, had well below freezing temperatures. We were too busy chopping wood and keeping the fireplace going since it was our only source of heat. We did roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire in the fireplace just like camping.

Since the past two years we did not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I decided I would plan something special and surprise my husband. He loves beef steaks grilled. I am fixing steak, with some vegetables grilled as well. I am baking cookies with red M&M’s, as he likes cookies better than cake. We will eat by candlelight. I have gotten him a small gift and card.

Valentine’s Day is one day that focuses on those we love, friends and family, not just couples. Last year I sent Valentine’s to all my grandchildren and I am doing the same this year.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, our family does more phone calls and we try to keep in touch with each other. I send cards and small “I love you” gifts in the mail. We do not visit often. We cancel visits if anyone is feeling a little under the weather, so as to help prevent transmission of illness. We developed a way with video calling to have a “party” together, without physically being there.

What are your plans for the ones you love, children, spouses, friends and family? Maybe it is time to start something new.

Let those you care about know you love them.