Getting Days Confussed

It is known by family and friends I do not keep track of time very well. I do not even wear a watch. There are a lot of days, I work and do not know what time it is and miss lunch. When my grandson visits, he is the time keeper for when to eat lunch and get dinner ready. Not only to I lose track of hours, but days. There was one year I thought Christmas was a week earlier than it actually was. I learned my folly when I called my daughter to wonder where they were at as they were “late” in arriving at my house for Christmas festivities.

Since I started working a job, I have been very good about being to work on time, by setting alarms on my phone. I am never late. My schedule is for the most part always the same, but I work different departments depending on the day I am working. Sundays and Thursdays I work the meat department starting at 7 AM sharp. Tuesdays and Fridays I work the restocking the freezer section when the delivery truck for the store arrives. The arrival time of the delivery truck varies, so the team that works the truck delivery is notified when the truck arrives by text message. There is one other day I work, which varies, as a cashier.

Yesterday, my confusion with time spilled into my job. I arrived sharply at 7 AM on “Thursday” to work the meat department. I was looking at the meat section, ready to take notes with pen and paper with the department manager. After a few minutes of discussion, the manager realized I thought I was working the meat department. “Today you work the truck.” he stated.

“No, today is Thursday. I work the meat department.” I responded.

He chuckles, “Today is Tuesday. You work the truck.”

Now there was another employee draw to us by this curious conversation. “Yes, today is Tuesday, the day the truck arrives.”

I had confused the days, at least I was not late. Only, I had to clock out and wait for the text message the truck had arrived and to arrive at work. Today, I would be the first to arrive.

When the truck arrived two hours later, I was sitting in the parking lot when the manager of the store arrived.

“What are you doing here so early, I have not sent the text yet?” the manager asked.

“I am waiting for your text. I thought it was Thursday.” I replied with a smile.

Before the end of the day, every employee knew of my confusion of which day it was. We enjoyed the laughing about it being “Thursday”. As I was leaving one employee who has known for a few years, “I will see you on the real Thursday.” as she went out the door towards home.

Yes, I get lost in my days and hours. I know I am imperfect and will make mistakes. I am not afraid to laugh at my own mistakes and laugh with those around me. With the stress of the economy, world events and other things in people’s lives that we do not know about, for one day everyone had something to smile and laugh about. And I am sure those I work with will still be laughing some when I show up for work on the real Thursday.