Valentine’s Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Historically and commercially it is a day for romantic couples to celebrate their love. Leaving out those who do not have a romantic partner to share the holiday celebration with. Love is so much bigger. Everyone has and receives love from someone. To me these relationships are just as important.

When I was much younger and in school we celebrated Valentine’s Day. We would make some creative object to contain the valentines we received on the day of celebration. Each student was expected to bring a valentine for everyone in the class. There were students I did not want to give a valentine card to, so I would select what I considered the “ugliest” valentine to give to them. If the cards I was handing out that year had candy, those I did not like would get the broken candy. I am sure I was not the only child to do distribute valentines in this manner. The celebration was not true of the representation of the holiday. As I advanced in school, Valentine’s Day was celebrated by those who had a romantic partner, and I was left out.

Love is so much bigger. I celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special effort of sending a card to those I love and care about. This started when my children were small. During one of the times they were getting ready for their Valentine Day’s celebration at school and writing names on valentine cards for each student in the class, I decided to make cards for each of my children. I hid them in their pile of cards to hand out. A surprise as they placed cards for others, there would be a card with their name on it just for them. Through time this has evolved to sending cards to my children, and eventually grandchildren.

A few years back, I started sending cards expressing how important a friendship was to me. I feel that others should know they are appreciated and important to someone else. A way of letting my friends know I value their friendship, the times they were there to support me or encourage me when I needed it. Also, to let them know I am there when they need support or encouragement. These are not romantic cards at all, but ‘thank you for being my friend’. Valentine’s Day history and celebration has been to celebrate romantic love, love is so much bigger.

Today, I celebrate Love. Love of family, friends and my husband. I celebrate the fact I am loved. I celebrate that I love myself. I have spent most of my life not loving the person I was created to be. Three years ago, I started the journey to love myself.

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love. Love of a partner if you have one. Love of family and friends. Love from the Creator. Mostly celebrate the love for yourself.