A Wish and Reality

“He who owns all the gold, controls the world”


My last post was on a Bloganaury Challenge prompt “How are you Changing the World?”. I answered by the little things I do to encourage others and show kindness. Reality is no one person or country can change the world. The world is large with many people, beliefs and cultures.

Everyone would love to live where there is no crime, no wars, no prejudices, we want world peace. Reality is there will be crime, there will be wars and people are prejudice.

I believe the world is controlled by the love of power, greed and envy.

I strive to help others, encourage others to be better people, to lift the load of those burdened, even if for a moment of time. No, I can not change the world, but I will continue to show some light of kindness to those I meet. As an individual we can inspire others to love themselves, have peace and joy and fulfillment of their dreams.

My actions do affect those around me, and my community. I live in an awesome little town where people help each other. Our town has what we call the “Blessing Box”. When it was started three years ago, it was started in a newspaper distribution box. If you need food, you take, and you can give food at any time. It sits in the open with no locks. This “Blessing Box” has grown to be two bookcases and several boxes. Through facebook, their is even fresh meat available. We have the Clothes Closet, where people drop off clothing, it is sorted and hung up, and free to anyone needing clothing. It is a caring town we live near.

This was truly apparent in February 2021, when the whole town and surrounding area was without electricity for 4 days. The temperatures were well below freezing day and night. A rarity for where I live. Everyone heats with electricity.

We have a fireplace in our home, that is how we stayed warm, but the highest the inside temperature reached was 47*F. Those who had fireplaces and wood stoves, which is rare, opened their homes to strangers. Some people were able to heat their homes using portable generators as a source of electricity.

For us we dug out the old camping equipment we have to cook on, an antique cow camp stove. We made chili and always had a pot of hot coffee. I went through my whole supply of candles for lighting.

Others did the same, they cooked chili and stews, have hot coffee and tea. We met at the volunteer fire station once a day to share with those who were unable to cook would have one hot meal and drink during the day. People here do not cook from scratch, they buy premade frozen meals or something for a microwave. Grocery stores were closed, no electricity for the registers or lights.

People around us and ourselves have livestock. We get our water from a well, but the well pump does not run without electricity. One person had a well he used for a garden powered by solar. The water did not come out of the ground fast, but it was water. Someone gave him a tank to fit in the back of his pickup. He would fill the tank and deliver water for livestock.

When the electricity did return, and it was on and off for an additional 5 days. People had another problem, broken water pipes that froze, then when the house heated up, the water poured in and flooded. Once again our town people pulled together. Those that knew how to repair broken water lines, came together, formed teams and tackled one house at a time to repair the water lines. The hardware store in our town, sold the materials needed at cost, he made no money from the sales, in addition he kept his store open for longer hours.

This year along with the Blessing Box and Clothes Closet, the community started a garden. I helped a few times, most of the people coming to the community garden did not know how to start, grow or tend a garden. It was a big learning experience for them. There is talk of starting a farmer’s market next summer.

We have an involved and caring town and community. People helping people, but we still have crime. There is a theft ring trying to operate, but with watchful eyes they will be caught.

Perhaps we can change the world one person, one community, one country at a time.

Perhaps, one day, people will love themselves and others so there will not be envy, or the love of power over another, and not desire greed but to give a helping hand where needed.

I was told once when we help others, we help ourselves.