Stormy Night

The rain steadily drops to the ground. Thunder roars in the darkness of a black night, only lit by the answering lightening. A storm raging outside, just like the storm within. Trying hard to love, yet there is anger due to the sin of another. To take the life of self is forbidden, yet forgiveness is to be given. The life craves grace and kindness, the sin of another brings anger from within. Angry words desire to roar as thunder across a midnight sky. Flashes of light brings glimpse of truth, shows the struggle is not in vain.
What right, what purpose to take the life of self in front of the life that was brought forth as a blessing. Just as the thunder roars, the anger roars within. The light is short and bright to show the effects of the rain and the storm. The light brings forth the sadness of tears flowing for what might have been a loss of several lives.
As this midnight storm will pass, the thunder quiet in the darkness and lightening cease to be seen so will the storm within subside, giving way to quiet peace. The morning sun will show the blessings of the storm. The grass will reach upward. Majestic trees will stretch with the coming of the light of day. Storms bring the rain, the water from above to wash the grime of daily struggle bringing a breeze of freshness to the air.
Struggle weighs down a heart, brings weariness to all parts. The storm stirs all things, bringing life to the surface and focus to the Son. Fear not the storm or the roaring thunder, look sharp for the brilliant truth light. Flow with the life-giving streams and soak in the lesson to be learned. For storms are needed to spur the growth within.
So, the storm within will subside to the quiet peace that is striven towards. The blessings brought will give life as the struggle to reach upwards towards the Son. Stretching like the majestic trees praise will be heard. The grime of sin will be washed away bringing breath of life and promise to a new day.



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