February Happenings

The month of February has been a busy month so far. Besides my job and the sheep there are been some projects that we are working on getting accomplished this year. Managing my time has become a priority this month.

One project is to have our acreage divided and sell a few acres. Since my husband is getting close to retirement, we want the mortgage on our property paid in full. I met with the surveyor after work one day. I spent three hours with him and his assistant finding every pin of the survey of when we purchased our place. Then he sent a purposed plat to me of the area we wanted to divide off and sell. I contacted the County Commissioner for the variances needed to sell the separate piece of land. Once I hear from the County Commissioners on if they approve the variances, then I will take the plat survey to the Land Development Department to pay the variances and replat the property. Once all this is done the surveyor will return and put down survey pins for the piece to be sold. When the final survey is complete, I will contact my friend and real estate agent to list the property for sale. Then I will have to be present for the property to be shown to prospective buyers.

From the sale of the small acreage we will be able to pay off the mortgage and do some work on our home. Our goal is to sell the home and remaining acreage and purchase a place near to my daughter who lives in Texas. This is not a plan that is going to be fast results. It takes time to get work completed. With not a big budget, most of the work will be done by myself. With the extra income from my job, I am able to purchase materials needed to finish the remodeling of our home. The remodeling has to be completed before we can sell the house and property.

Along with the remodeling of our home, one of our trucks broke down and we are getting it repaired. This week I will have to travel to pick up parts and deliver them to the repair shop so our truck will be in running order once more. The other truck needs a new clutch. So, when one truck comes out of the shop, the other goes in. Repairs become necessary when vehicles get 200,000 or more miles of use. We have done maintenance on the vehicles to keep them in good running shape, but parts wear down and need replaced. We would like to purchase a newer vehicle, but with the cost of vehicles, that is not going to happen for a while. The repairs are less money than the purchase of a newer vehicle.

Yesterday, I planted some tulips and onions. I should have planted the tulips a few months back. Since I stored the tulip bulbs in the refrigerator, they will still bloom. The onions will grow as well. I plan on planting one vegetable in the garden each week. I will not be starting my plants from seeds this year. I just do not have time to start the tomatoes and pepper plants from seed. I will purchase plants from the nursery for this year’s garden. Spring will be here soon, then summer. I want to have fresh vegetables for the table. I would like to be able to can some pickled beets and pickles this year for Christmas gifts.

This year is going to be a busy year as we prepare for retirement and wanting a larger place to raise more sheep to supplement our retirement income. Being closer to family is important as we want to share time with grandchildren and loved ones. Teaching the grandchildren about farm life and the love of animals brings us both joy.



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