February’s Beginnings

The second month of the year has arrived, February. I have lambs starting to arrive once more. A lamb was born yesterday, at the end of the freezing ice storm. The ewe is taking very good care of the lamb, and they are in a small area with a heat lamp. I do not look forward to February, as per my records of the last thirteen years, we always have freezing rain storms during this month.

The past three days has been mostly freezing rain with some snow and very cold temperatures. This morning as I was waking up with my cup of coffee, I saw the full moon. Relieved that this storm was over. When I went outside to do my morning chores, frost greeted me, crunching under my footsteps. I checked on the lamb, then proceeded with the feeding of the sheep and horses.

Today, was also a day I went to my other job, working in a grocery store. It was truck day, and a large order. During the storm, the store saw record sales. Monday the sales were twice the average daily sale. People buying food due to staying home for the next three to five days. Today, the store received a large order. I worked 7 hours putting food in the freezers and on the shelves. It has been a long time since I stood on my feet for seven hours.

I am tired, sore feet and aching back. I also received an award today for work done in January. I received a gift card for $1.00. When an employee works at the cash register and has no money over or under, or a zero off in the drawer. That employee receives a dollar for each time for being accurate. I worked the registered twice in January, and was zero off once. I was awarded the gift card.

I work various areas. Twice a week I am there to put food first in the freezers, then help where needed in the grocery area on the shelves. Today, I put away over 100 boxes in the freezer area alone. My manager told me she was very pleased with the speed and that I stayed with the freezer until it was completed before taking a break.

Today’s order received at the store was very big, since we had record sales on Monday through Wednesday due to the storm and people being told to stay home. Schools have been closed all week, meaning parents had to buy food for their children to eat, since the children were not eating at school. It is amazing how many people come to the little grocery store to shop, when the governor and everyone else is telling them to stay home and off the roads due to bad road conditions. Majority of the people came as they had nothing else to do but eat and drink at home.

I have six ewes that are ready to deliver their lambs at anytime. In a couple of weeks one of our livestock guardian dogs will give birth. I have my job and taking care of the sheep and household. There is a lot going on the month of February.



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